Pollution in Delhi

Pollution in Delhi

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Jitender Singh started this petition to Arvind Kejriwal

Massive traffic and increasing pollution level in Delhi is a major concerns for all the Delhilites, however there are very few people who are coming out of the political framework and willing to help people breathe well. It's not a new problem but originated by the people of Delhi itself and we as a citizen can only help to sort out this tragic situation. Its a shameful and challenging situation for all of us that Delhi as a capital of India is suffering from this problem. 

Majorly, children and older people are suffering due to high level of toxic in the air and we should take some immediate steps to get rid of this problem.

I as a citizen of India and Delhi, believe that we have got the caliber to fight with this calamity and make Delhi clean and green again with the help of Delhi government. 

1. We should encourage solar energy massively just as a major campaign.
2. Govt should start congestion charge on vehicle at certain places where pollution level is high so people will avoid those places.
3. Encourage to use public transport and bicycling by making separate lanes and bay for cycles.
4. All the Taxis, Auto and Buses must be electric in few months by providing them support to exchange old vehicles. Buses should be double decker and low floor which will encourage more people to use it.
5. Parking charges should be 5 times so people avoid their own vehicle, however public transport must be very high standard before implementing this.
6. Encourage to use LED and motion sensor lights in streets and other public places.
7. Make driving license very strict so very few or only good driver come on the road.
8. Good management of Roads and signals i.e road which are very busy in peak hours should be managed by using the both sides of road.
9. Plant millions of tree and make new parks rather giving permission to make new banquets hall which create loads of nuisance on the road.
10. Make some strict rules to park vehicles on the road side which is also a big cause of traffic jam in certain areas. We should learn few things from developed country like UK where there is no traffic police officer can be seen on the road but still people follow the strict rules. 

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