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One and only one reservation in every field for economically weaker classes and disabled.

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As by the saying goes, "The only less deserved in the society turns out to be the most worthy ones." we have turned ourselves as division of independent society. Like, for we can say, you can break a single log, but not a bunch of it. It's high time we should remove SC/ST category and put a category for economically backward and disabled people, because if we talk real when was the last time you heard a successful person blooming in stardom by not coming out of tough times? It's by far clear that people are clearly misusing the SC/ST category for their own insane good, not caring what horrendous effect it will leave on out upcoming generations.

I am not against any category, but for what we try to talk simple and common sense, it all leads to one path. For example, (1) person works day and night for a job, sacrifices his all well being and luxuries just to get one job, just when (2) person uses his name as a reason to get the job, and there he is. Without any hardwork, just by using the hard beings of his forefathers and today's world's pretentious rules about division of categories. That's how it works nowadays. "The people with no hands also have luck in their favour." this statement sums it all up. Disabled people are liability to our nation until they will not to work for our better beings, but if they do, who are we to stop? But then again, our biased society never fails to amuse us.

SC/ST guy (1) gets a job, success in life just by the name of category. And a normal economically backward or disabled guy (2) fails to get it done after all hard works. I urge to have a category reserved for Disabled and Economically backward people. Why? because they deserve it. Not only they deserve, They have their particular, individual rights. You are well going SC/ST person, you get into good jobs. You are handicapped, you are judged for being a burden on the job. I tried to sum up all the judgemental stereotypes as much as I could.

I will just end saying that our present generation is failing to realize that few years down the lane our new generation will be suffering because of this. Way badly than one can imagine. The only sin we have done is divided people. Not giving chances to people with less opportunities. Why? because they are disabled? Or a general category?  Not ANYMORE. This is the generation who believes in words. And I trust you people with this. Choose wisely. Mishappenings and sins are the two most insane things that can happen with anyone, just wish it's never you.

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