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Make stringent laws to minimize the burning of Ravanas during Dussehra

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Ravana Dahan is the practice of burning Ravana effigy during Dussehra , which is accompanied by crackers and fireworks that are burnt down with flaming arrows. This results in a lot of air and noise pollution, not to mention the waste littered from the burnt remains.
This petition is not only about the the losses our environment is bearing due to excessive pollution, but also the direction in which the youth of our country are heading. Instead of having baseless celebrations about a ritual and repeating it every year, the money used can be put up for a good social cause, keeping in mind it does no justice to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. 

I request the authorities to be a little vigilant on the issue as this is a practice which needs to be minimized and also the citizens of our country need to realize their responsibilities in making their surroundings pollution free. 
Bearing no offence to our history and rituals, but we definitely wouldn't want our kids to grow up learning that  celebrating our glorious ancient past comes at the cost of our environment.
Lets join hands to celebrate a clean and pollution free Dussehra and Diwali this year!

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