Make Delhi Clean again, Fight SMOG with the power of SUN. Say no to pollution, Go Solar.

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Everyone is talking about SMOG in Delhi, But no one is realising we are the reason for this SMOG. Yes! we the citizen of Delhi NCR are contributing to pollution by every day.

You’re tired of air pollution, take a pledge today & stop using coal energy. Switch over to solar power.

We use dirty energy which is generated by Coal. This petition is to go off the grid. 

The Sun won’t raise its price nor ration its solar energy. Sunlight will always be free and with technological advancements, it can be harnessed without causing any environmental damage.

STOP USING dirty coal-powered energy, Install Solar power on your rooftop and use clean energy and clean our environment as well. 

Going off the main grid means less coal-based power consumption, which then means less use of coal. Coal is one of the leading sources of air pollution in India, hence switching to solar energy will improve your city’s air quality.

Be the change you wish to see. 

Join the mission.
Jai Hind