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Justice for my father

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On 25th Sep '17 my father "Mr. Vinay K Bhatnagar" retired from RAW(research analysis wing) left for his routine checkup early morming at 8a.m. we receieved a call from him at 11:30a.m. that he has left for home and boarded the DTC bus route no.  85 from shivaji stadium and he will deboard the bus at moti nagar bus stop.Around 1pm we tried calling him several times but the number was not reachable and we felt like something is wrong. We left from to find out what happened to him. We kept on searching and finally ended up deciding to file a missing report. When we told this whole story to the police of ps mandir marg they told us to file this complaint in the area where all this thing happened and told us to file the complaint at connaught place ps. After reaching connaught place ps we again told them the whole story and again the wasted our time. It was around 7pm in the evening we were still waiting for them to file the missing report. Connaught place police denied to file the report and told us to wait, after some approach the filed the complaint it was already past 11 in the night and we decided to find my father ourselve. We left from the connaught place ps and started searching for him on the bus route no. 85 from beginning to end. Around 2am in the night i found my father in unconscious condition in "Mahavir Hospital, Rani Bagh".Being a government hospital they were giving their basic treatment to him which was making him more unconscious and we got to know at that time someone poisoned him in the DTC bus by hypnotising and stole all his belongings such as gold ring, mobile phone, money,official and medical documents. Doctors told us they found a cghs card in his pocket which was taken in vustody by police subhash place. We tried shifiting my father to some better hospital but most of the hospitals were asking for huge deposit amount and one of the hospital was "Action Balaji Hospital, paschim vihar" ,even though doctors were not allowing us to take him unless someone from subhash place ps arrives bevause the case was registered under the unknown poisoning suspect. This whole scenario took more than 36hrs and my father condition was getting more critical and finally next day we were able to shift him to the "Agrasen Hospital, Pumjabi bagh" and on immediate basis doctors started their treatment,they told us that the infection in his body was increasing and spreaded all over the lungs.It took him 3 days to gain his consciousness and my father narrated the whole story. That he left from the RML Hospital(Ram Manohar Lohia, Gole market) and some guy started a random conversation with him along with a stick in his hand pretending to be a disabled youngster going for his daily classes with some books in his hand. He followed him and boarded the same bus with him sitting on the same seat he stated the random conversation and in between the comversation he opened his books as if he is showing what he is studying,whichactually hypnostised my father and told him to eat some biscuits which mad ehik unconscious and when police found him in the condition where he was not in senses and he was releasing some white liquid from his nose and mouth. 

In agrwsen hospital he was almost out of danger and shifted to normal ward where he was eating,drinking  and doing things himself but because of doctors leniency he got secondary infection,doctors shifted him to the icu and he was getting more critical and after 14days they again put him on the ventilator and told us to arrange 25 IVIG injections costing Rs. 20000/injection. Even after arranging everything and trying our level best they kept on saying that infection is damaging all his internal organs and we have to put him on dialysis by giving Norad inj.  Which is used to increase the blood pressure. They gave him 2 inj. Of norad by which we lost him because of internal bleeding in his body on 18th Oct'17. Agrasen hospital mentioned in the death summary that he expired because of cardiac failure but they dint mentioned they gave him injections to increase the blood pressure. Even after his death it took us more than 24hrs to get his body. Hospital staff told us that it is a police case and the body will be handed over to the police only. My all concern was if they were not imvestigating the whole matter throughout this incident then how can they take the body. But unfortunately criminals are still romaing and poisoning other people in the same so called VIP area. I lost my father and i dont want this thing to happen with anyone. All i want justice for my father as he worked passionately with complete responsibility for his nation. Kindly help us to get the justic and punish all the departments weither it is hospital, police station, DTC or any other deparmtments involved in this.

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