Green india

Green india

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Akarsh Lobo started this petition to Arvind Kejriwal

Today India has become the fastest growing country in the world and we all are proud of it but at what cost. There was a time when India used to look green from above the skies as well as on the the grounds, but today all we can see is dust, baren lands and somewhere around 35% greenery. Why we have neglected the most important thing! ENVIRONMENT. We'll all give advertisements, then there is environment day then there are some  environment summits post which for some duration everyone will become aware but that last only for few days. 

We all know what we have done with this earth, atleast now is the time to stand up and make this earth green again. Don't stick to verbal vows, it's time to turn vows into action. Trees give oxygen free of cost and they only demand to let them live. Is it much to ask for.

Today specifically i would like to highlight some points on most polluted cities in India. Problem we all know and solution also but nobody follows it. I know this petition will also become in vain coz nobody is interested in actions we just want to talk right? We'll join politics of that's the case.

 Let me tell what government and we as the public should do in order to reduce this pollution problem.

1. Government should put a serious fine or imprisonment for all those who carry more than what is needed. Eg. One person owns two houses and only one is filled hence he should be penalized for occupying space unnecessarily.

2. People who owns more than one cars for just show off should be penalized. Cars owned by user should be based on number of family members. E.g if a person has family of 4 then one car should be allowed. If a person have family of 8 then eithe a 8 seater car or 2 small 4 seater cars should be allowed. Today car owning has become a fashion which should be stopped.

3. There should be alternatives for petrol and disel vehicles like solar powerd, electric powered and hybrid powered cars or plasma energy based cars which are much more eco friendly and all such should be in budget of a common man.

4. There should be sharing system. Use apps that allows you to pool your vehicle in order to reduce traffic hustle.

5. Public e trasport should be increased.

6. There should be a rule that each house should be surrounded by trees and plants at a distance of every 50m. In case it is a flat then flat should compulsorily have a dedicated balcony for plants.

7. Ciggerets sales etc should be strictly banned. Govt should not allow any tobacco products to be entertained. Any vendor selling such items should be put into jail. Today 8th class children are smoking ciggeretes. That day is not far away when these all activities will start from 1st class. Great work parents if u support smoking 

8. Public should stop blaiming everything on govt. As it is our fault as a human that we could not keep our environment clean. Rather take initiative and create a club in society that will take care of environment in society. And we as a human should educate ourselves not to waste but to recycle.

 9. Govt should create a environment squad just like traffic squad these days to put an eye on anyone who is littering, peeing outside, cutting trees, using vehicle without pooling for more than 5times or if someone is smoking or entertaining such non environment friendly activities.

10. Give rewards for those who contribute towards environment every month. This will encourage people to come forward and do something. (I mean if they will follow all the above said points i.e car pooling, planting trees, recycling, no smoking etc)

I hope all these points are enough for you to act. Wake up please and take some serious action now. all this I can't do it alone govt has a major role in all this. Just for once keep selfishness aside, keep greed aside and let's make India proud and green. Let's become the first country to take some major steps in this regards.

Please file this petition if you really care for this earth.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!