Education is the only way to progress.

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Dear All,

Resident of India.

My Petition is regarding the Fees Structure & Donation In Pvt School.Parents might as well start saving up for their child's school admission right from the time she is born, if the huge sums of donation being charged by city schools currently are any indication.

This year, many private schools in the city are charging anything between a few thousands and a few lakhs of rupees as donation, depending on how “posh” they are. The problem persists across aided, matriculation, CBSE and ICSE schools.

My Suggestion to Govt Of India Post Admission Activity Take out Complete Data From school and check with Parents Whether they have paid Donations to School.

Also Need to Set a Committee to Investigate these Matters.

All Donations & High Fees Structure Loot should be stopped Since Education is Right of every child.


Education is the only way to progress.





Sourabh Chawdhary