Don't risk children by opening schools in Lockdown relaxation

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Respected Chief Minister Mr.Arvind Kejriwal

Beginning from June 1, 2020 you have in all your wisdom decided to relax the lockdown which was enforced in response to the Covid 19 pandemic. We are sure that you have the economic interests of the state at your heart while taking the said decision.

We are sure, you will appreciate that it is equally, if not more important to protect the health and lives of our young school-going children who would be in the harm's way if exposed to Corona virus infection. The risk of disease and/or mortality will be sky-high if schools are open at this stage of the pandemic when all the experts have confirmed widespread community transmission of Corona virus and the large number of Covid-19 cases being reported from all over the state.

I also hope that you appreciate that any steps of social-distancing and sanitation, within the school premises will be difficult to enforce, futile and of no use whatsoever, no matter how much care and effort be expended in this direction.

In any case, no noticeable economic gain is achieved by opening schools and no noticeable economic loss will be potentially suffered by delaying the opening of schools.

There is nothing and I repeat nothing, which can and should be above the health and safety of children who are precious not only to their parents but to the society and the country too. We, as responsible and concerned citizens appeal to you not to take any decision to open any school for any age group of children unless and until we are safely and surely beyond the mortal-dangers of the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic. Academic loss cannot and should not be equated to any potential risk to life or health of 

We can hope for a vaccine or a medical cure from the medical experts and scientists sometime in the future. However, until such time that this difficult time is behind us, we appeal to you as the Chief minister of our state to protect our children and not take any such decision which, needless to say will cause irreparable loss to all of us.

Hoping for a positive response from you.

Adv.Sidharth Arora

Supreme Court of India

(On behalf of all the petitioners)