Delhi Government: Ensure LGBTQ+ Inclusive Curriculum in Schools.

Delhi Government: Ensure LGBTQ+ Inclusive Curriculum in Schools.

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The Pink Triangle India started this petition to Arvind Kejriwal and

Last week a 16-year old boy fell victim to suicide as he was constantly bullied by his classmates for having ‘feminine’ features. His suicide note to his father read “My life will darken your life and that is the reason why my death is necessary”. Why does a child deserve this? Why does anyone deserve this? Bullying is an ever-present problem in every school in the country. It seems that amidst all the science and mathematics, we forget to teach our children love, acceptance, and empathy.

It is heartbreaking to see the little progress we have made in accepting our friends and fellow citizens who belong to the LGBTQ+ community.

Although homosexuality has been decriminalized in India, the stigma still remains. In our country, people are still scared to come forward about their sexuality, and those who do, are shunted out of families, communities, friend circles, and face a lifetime of ridicule.

So where does the problem lie?
Our education system.

There is a growing realization that education should move beyond the realm of mere technical knowledge, and should also seek to address the mental, physical, and sexual health needs of an adolescent. We must broaden our horizon of gender and sex education to include discussion on the gender spectrum, gender expression, and various such topics to ensure a holistic learning experience for our children.

If we want to ensure that every individual is able to choose their gender and sexual orientation without having to face harassment and discrimination, we MUST begin teaching children empathy and acceptance from a young age. The basic sense of acceptance should come from schools.

We will only be able to see real change if we teach the upcoming generation to be accepting. This will be possible if our curriculum includes methods to actively introduce and normalize these topics.

We are extremely appreciative of the Delhi Government’s recent efforts to make changes in public schools through the introduction of the ‘Happiness Curriculum’. We humbly request the Delhi Government to take the first step for LGBTQ+ equality and do the following:

  • Inclusion of gender identity, sexual orientation, diverse sexual identity, and modern family structures in the course curriculum. 
  • Hold compulsory sensitization courses on gender and sexual diversity in India for students in and above K-7 grade. (4-hour course divided into 4 sessions of 60 mins each)
  • These workshops should be regularly held every three to four months.
  • Given the COVID-19 scenario, online workshops and discussions should be organized by schools on these issues to help give children a better understanding.

Please sign and share the petition to help us implement these policies and create a safer all-round experience for our children. This will ensure that the next generation actively builds an inclusive and loving society.

We cannot afford a loss of another life. Let's stand today, for a better tomorrow.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
At 25,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!