Decrease College Fees in the pandemic.

Decrease College Fees in the pandemic.

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In this year of pandemic, all the educational institutions were closed from March-April completely. The online classes were also started in the late May-June in most of the cases. 

In almost every college of the country, the fees are taken year wise and in few semester wise. Now since the colleges are closed temporarily, then expenses like Electricity, Food, Lab equipments, sports accessories, internet facilities, extra curricular programs expenses, and quite many more are on complete hold. 

The tuition fees which are for the teachers should remain intact as they need to be paid, even the workers and helpers fees, the security and all the human resource expenses should remain the same. But even after taking all that amount, there is a considerable fraction of the annual fees which are taken from the students for other facilities. 

In this pandemic, the families of students are also suffering, parents aren't getting paid, or if they are then it is not as much as they were getting paid before pandemic. We are facing difficulties in sustaining a normal life and on this the the duty of paying fees is transitioning into a burden, due to the non-essential fee which are taken from the students.

The government should pass a rule over the whole country for both private and government institutions for the cut in fees for the same. The tuition fee should remain intact, but the extra fees should be waived, as the amount will not be applied in the welfare of the students. In this pandemic, it is inhuman for any organisation to seek profit, and making education a way to earn profit is again not acceptable. Hence colleges should reconsider their fee slabs and efficiently reduce their expenditure.

The bill/amendment/rule should get proposed as soon as possible by the government so that the students who are in need for education do not suffer.