Ban criminals masquerading as beggars & vendors on traffic signals

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The roads of Delhi have become a nuisance for any driver. No I am not referring to the the crazy traffic, but to those people who constantly knock at your window, while you wait for the traffic signal to turn green.
We usually roll down our window for a beggar, or to buy something from a vendor.
Please never do that again!
A recent incident of a girl being found unconscious inside her own car, near Hauz Khas at 3am at night, being robbed off all her belongings, has been reported. Her fault was that she rolled down her window in broad daylight, around 12 noon, while driving alone, at the Essex Farms crossing. She doesn't remember anything after that!

This is not a fake news, this happened with our family friend.

It is an appeal to the government to please ban all beggars and vendors who are in fact criminals in disguise, from roaming freely around every traffic signal across the city, harassing drivers. Many of these are in fact looking for soft targets to rob and loot.
It is high time we work towards making Delhi a safer place!
Please share with everyone to garner as much support as possible on this issue.