Amendments in Indian laws viz. domestic violence and maintenance u/s 125 of CrPc

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The loopholes in Indian law of domestic violence and section 125 of CrPC has paved the way for some modern mischievous and ill-intention ladies to innovate a new method of generating immediate huge income without much efforts and qualifications. The only eligible requirement is to marry a government servant legally.

Because of this many innocent govt. servants are suffering from irreparable mental agonies running police stations, courts and service providers leaving behind job, family and other responsibilities to get rid of this mis-happening. But the ultimate judgement is the husband need to pay lump sum amount of maintenance to his so called great wife and the sad thing is he will be debarred from the affections of his children if any and there is no law to punish such mischievous lady.

Is it an indirect way of developing our nation by means of creating more numbers of unmarried/divorced govt. servants who can focus more on duty than on beauty; and simultaneously providing income to an unworthy lady from the pocket of her husband? Is this what we mean by gender equality? Is this how we are doing women empowerment? This is a matter to be analysed by higher bureaucrats, policy makers and lawyers whether the amendment of such law is urgently needed or not?