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7th CPC being extroted by Parents in unaided Private Schools of Delhi

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Hi Sir

We are hereby creating a petition against Salwan Montessori School, Naraina Vihar for hiking fees to accommodate the salary hikes of their employees as per the 7th CPC .

Our wards are studying in Salwan Junior School, Nariana. We received a circular from the school informing us that as per  DOE's order no. DE.15(318/ )/PSB/2016/19786 dated 17th Oct. 2017,the recommedations of 7th CPC have to be implemented and parents have to pay Rs 15697/- additional fees as arrears for session 2017 -2018 .

It was also stated that there will be a increase of Rs.1,180/- month w.e.f 01.12.2017 in tuition fees as per the CPC recommendations. Fee of this school is already very high and unjustified.

The School management is responsible for paying the arrears and parents should not be overburdened with this. 

We want the government to review whether school has taken an approval of this hike from DOE ? You are requested to audit their Financial Accounts also.

Looking forward for action against this arbitrary fee hike.


In a Notice DE.15(318)/PSB/2016/19786 dated 17th OCT 2017, the DoE (Directorate of Education), under Delhi Government (Private School Branch) issued instructions for implementation of 7th Pay Commission.

The Implementation of 7th Pay Commission doesn't mean that a fee hike is mandatory for recognized unaided schools and has been clearly called out as Point Number 1. But the schools have started using the notice as an instrument to pass off the burden to the parents and straight away increased the fees. Infact the Delhi Govt has allowed the arrears to be collected which as an open ended notice has allowed the Unaided Schools to collect the arrears for last academic year as well to the tune of 7.5% and 15% for the current year. This amounts to a substantial increase of 22.5% in a year per child.

There are schools which already have high Tution Fees (85000 to 100000 INR), Annual Charges (30K to 40K INR) and Development Charges (12k to 15k) which totals to 1.5 Lakh INR to 2.2 Lakh INR along with the Transport Fees which goes on monthly. A 22.5% increase means the fees will be in between the range of 1.8 Lakhs INR to 2.8 Lakhs INR.

We need the DoE to roll back this decision and implement measures to make sure that Schools don't charge unnecessary fees hikes in the name of 7th Pay Commission. Schools were advised to utilize the current fund which are not at all being used. Also the burden of EWS Category is being passed to the middle class. The RTE (Right to Education) Implementation is a good idea but not at the cost of already burdened middle class which is struggling to meet the ends. Burden of EWS 25% should be Government's Responsibility and not on the middle class as the schools are already charging exorbitant fees to cover up their loss of 25% of EWS Category.

The best of the best lot also gets an increase of meager 4-6% Hike Year on Year and making them bear the burden of Inflated fees will break the back of the middle class parents and their dreams.

I request Mr. Sisodia and Arvind Kejriwal to take cognizance of the situation and act swiftly.

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