2019 Lok Sabha - AAP in Punjab should let 'Punjabis' chose the 13 candidates

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I worked for, campaigned and supported AAP in Punjab 2017 polls. I believe in the constitution of the party and the ideology followed by the leaders and the national convener, Arvind Kejriwal. One of the primary reasons for the party's sub-par performance in the recent Punjab polls was the diconnect between the voters and the non-Punjabi central leadership. I've collected a lot of feedback and on the behalf of thousands of AAP volunteers, supporters and well-wishers, I urge Arvind to consider these suggestions:

1. There needs to be a formal membership drive in each constituency covering every demography. Measures should be taken to make sure only the serious and ideologically driven are recruited. 

2. Such members should to be given the right to vote and elect party candidates for 13 constituencies in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. The process needs to be transparent and influence free.

3. No central team should be sent to Punjab and the decision making power on all fronts should rest with the democratically elected State team which reports to Arvind Kejriwal directly

If as a reader you agree to the points, please sign this petition and let us make sure our voice is heard.

- Jaspreet Oberoi

Vancouver, Canada

(Originally from Patiala, Punjab)