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Save Road Transport Industry !

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I am a road transport service provider. Over last 25 years I have worked hard and have built strong goodwill based on my services. I have all kinds of clients - corporates, traders, manufacturers and retailers. GST has jeopardized my business. GST Council has introduced a dual GST policy for Goods Transport Agents (GTA) as per which a GTA may either opt for Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM) with 5% GST or a Forward Charge Mechanism (FCM) with 12% GST. The difference is under RCM I don't get Input Tax Credit(ITC) but in FCM I get ITC. A GTA can opt either of the two systems, not both.

This has given birth to a complex situation. Most of my customers want me to register in 5% RCM; yet few large customers want me to register in 12% FCM. I can not satisfy both as the option is to choose one. What do I do? I stick to RCM and let my FCM customers go or I choose FCM and wash my hands off my loyal customers? This is the dilemma of 100% GTAs of India.

The basic question is why should Government mess with my business by experimenting with such dual policy? What rights have the Government to force me to lose part of my customers hence my livelihood. I request Finance Minister to apply his mind to this atrocious rule and withdraw the Notification No. 20 issued on August 22, 2017. I hope the right sense will prevail.

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