" Roll Back SBI and all National Bank Minimum Balance criteria "

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Currently Poor and all low income group people are looted by Banks by imposing Penalty against min Balance which is really a matter of concern but not a single Politician stand with POOR for justice against BANKS for this. For last 4 Months i have observed how people in city struggle and can't use their hard earn money due to fear of fine . I had encountered an incident inside a PNB in Etawaha where a person come to withdraw some cash but the Bank staff refuse to pay because in his account balance was at min . He requires for medical emergency but Staff had not release his balance at the end he close his account and withdraw the balance after a long conversation with staff.

I Request all the intellectual and concerned people to sign this petition to stop this Illegal practices .Why this is illegal because Currently i go through the news where i saw that SBI make a profit of 235 crore from saving account holder only .  What a planned loot it was because who had fined Student, Poor ,Daily workers ,Low middle class family . I am very sure not a single Middle and Upper class account holder fined for this . So i Appeal all to please sign this for check this Monopoly.