Stop stealing of IBPS Banking Jobs from local aspirants in Karnataka by alleged fraudsters

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Local people of Karnataka, the state recognized as 'cradle of banking' in India, are now being deprived of jobs in the very same sector (banking) they helped flourish throughout the country. The selection process to jobs, including jobs in rural banks, allegedly involves unfair practices to promote applicants from outside Karnataka (especially Andhra Pradesh and Telangana).

The Union Government is partly responsible for this horrible practice as the requirement to know the local language of the state has been removed from the IBPS selection process. It is sad to see that the Union Government is indirectly stealing away jobs from local people of Karnataka without any logical reason for the removal of the local language requirement. It shows the clear intent to suppress local aspirants from Karnataka as much as possible.

The banking sector has been one of the bread-winner sectors for Tier 2, Tier 3 towns and rural job seekers in Karnataka.But lakhs of aspirants from the state are being deprived of this opportunity for no mistake of theirs. Apparently, in the interview process of IBPS for job vacancies in Karnataka, the aspirants from Karnataka are being targeted in the interview process and are being discriminated and rejected even though they have better qualifications - their only mistake is they are from Karnataka.

It is the duty of the Union Government to stop such a horrific practice and to give preference to locals. Let me remind what the Government seems to have forgotten- according to Article 1 of the Indian Constitution, India is a 'union of states'. Please uphold the brotherhood of the nation by preferential selection of local aspirants in banking jobs, rather than encouraging targeted suppression of people from Karnataka.