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Stop Bullying by banks.

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Digital India is good but looting India is not.#boycottbank

I hope everyone has heard that from April banks are imposing charges for everything. There is even charge or fine for being poor. Yes if you can't keep you minimum balance you will be fined for the number of days you are poor. Our money is our hard work and comes after all taxes and other snaching from government and employers. Now banks want that large part too. Make our life miserable and run for money.

This all questions how our banking system in India . Months before We were all forced to run to banks to save our money during the demonetization if you remember.Before that our money was safe with ourselves.Now it's like money bullys who are taking away our money and also charging for doing that too.
Let's read to some words in English and their meaning . Think if you feel connected.

  • Coercion /koʊˈɜːrʃən/ is the practice of forcing another party to act in an involuntary manner by use of intimidation or threats or some other form of pressure or force.[1] It involves a set of various types of forceful actions that violate the free will of an individual to induce a desired response, for example: a bully demanding lunch money from a student or the student gets beaten. These actions can include, but are not limited to, extortion, blackmail, torture, threats to induce favors or even sexual assault. In law, coercion is codified as a duress crime. Such actions are used as leverage, to force the victim to act in a way contrary to their own interests. Coercion may involve the actual infliction of physical pain/injury or psychological harm in order to enhance the credibility of a threat. The threat of further harm may lead to the cooperation or obedience of the person being coerced.
  • Extortion (also called shakedown, outwrestling, and exaction) is a criminal offense of obtaining money, property, or services from an individual or institution, through coercion. It is sometimes euphemistically referred to as a "protection racket" since the racketeers often phrase their demands as payment for "protection" from (real or hypothetical) threats from unspecified other parties. Extortion is commonly practiced by organized crime groups. The actual obtainment of money or property is not required to commit the offense. Making a threat of violence which refers to a requirement of a payment of money or property to halt future violence is sufficient to commit the offense. Exaction refers not only to extortion or the demanding and obtaining of something through force,[1] but additionally, in its formal definition, means the infliction of something such as pain and suffering or making somebody endure something unpleasant.

So do you think the words describe what the banks are doing to us. Asking for protection money.
Here we have a choice to give them what they ask for us in fear or decide for yourself . Do you real need a protection from such bullys who can't even protect their own money. Money is more safer with us than in banks. ATM card tragedy in 2016 is example where many people lost their money through bank ATMs due to security failures from these banks. Thier flaws in security software s lost many of them Thier money and they are still fighting to get justice. Never think banks would give back money if we lost. They would just blame it on us. So why go through this bullying.

You have the power. I urge you to come join us in Boycotting banks.Close your bank accounts and keep it with you or open a postal bank account. Even postal bank accounts does have these fines but by doing so we can put the banking system in crisis in India and show the force of common people in India. They will be forced to remove these bullying rules and provide us justice.

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