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Increase the tax exemption cap on travel allowance and food

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Food is our most important and the very basic essential. We work so we can get food for ourselves and our family. To earn and get food we need to travel for work spending from our hard earned money. We pay taxes but we get nothing in return when it comes to food, healthcare, education. Rather Expense of Fuel and food is exponentially increasing month on month. What does a tax payer get from government is a tiny amount of tax rebate on travel and food and the amount on which you can claim rebate is good for nothing.

Rs 2200 a month is what we get as allowance for food ( sodexo coupons ) irrespective of the size of family. We know this is way less if compared to how much we actually spend and i am referring to only monthly grocery and vegetables. Rs 2200  is not even sufficient for one person for 3 times a day meal and if there is family of 4 they need atleast 8 to 10 thousand a month on food is bare minimum needed. This money spent by people who earn more than 50K a month could be more, depending on their needs and things they want to provide to their families.

Rs 1600 for travel to work is what we get , now a person who pays even 10% tax  and uses public transport spends more than that on work travel in a month. An average cost would be anytime more than 3000 a month and could go upto 8 to 10 thousand, depending on work distance and transport available.

Why should a tax payer not get rebate on actual money spend on travel and food .And if not actual the value, the amount should be atleast 10 times increased to what it is now. Let’s not pay taxes on Food and travel for living. This is the least the government can do for its people.Please help me in raising the issue with the Ministry of Finance so we have fair tax rebate allowance on food and travel in the next budget.

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