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Discard the GST on On Devices For Disabled At 5% to what it was, 0%

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Any amount of charity work we do is not going to help the disabled if a new 5% tax is applied on the on aids needed by the differently-abled to sustain everyday life, the government on Tuesday capped the tax on 22 assistive devices and rehabilitation aids for the physically challenged at 5%, which was earlier at 0%. 


The items which will now attract 5% GST are:

Braille writers and braille writing instruments
Handwriting equipment like Braille Frames, Slates, Writing Guides, Script Writing Guides, Styli, Braille Erasers
Canes, Electronic aides like the Sonic Guide
Optical, Environmental Sensors
Arithmetic aides like the Taylor Frame (arithmetic and algebra types), Cubarythm, Speaking or Braille calculator
Geometrical aides like Combined Graph and Mathematical Demonstration Board, Braille Protractors, Scales, Compasses and Spar Wheels;
Electronic measuring equipment such as Callipers, Micrometres, Comparators, Gauges, Gauge Block Levels, Rules, Rulers and Yardsticks
Drafting, Drawing Aides, Tactile Displays
Specially adapted Clocks and Watches
Orthopaedic appliances falling under heading No.90.21 of the First Schedule
Wheelchairs falling under heading No.87.13 of the First Schedule
Artificial electronic larynx and spares thereof
Artificial electronic ear (Cochlear implant)
Talking books (in the form of cassettes, discs or other sound reproductions) and large-print books, braille embossers, talking calculators, talking thermometers
Equipment for the mechanical or the computerised production of braille and recorded material such as braille computer terminals and displays, electronic braille, transfer and pressing machines and stereotyping machines. 

Request you all to sign this petition, this could mean a lot to many people out there. 


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