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CAP on Advertisement Expenses

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This petition is to put some control over the amount of money spent on Advertisements.. 

Purpose of Advertisement: The purpose of advertising is to inform the consumers about their product and company's services, enhance the image of the company, point out a need for products or services, demonstrate new uses for established products, announce new products and programs, reinforce the salespeople's individual messages, draw customers to the business, and to hold existing customers

We can see that companies are spending hell lot of money, not to make customer aware about the product, but to beat the competitor on the advertisement popularity itself. The products have no change or no material change, but the amount spent on advertisement is enormous. The expense is ultimately charged to customer, so the customer is paying towards the rivalry of these advertisements.

Costly Entertainment: There are so many TV channels Channels. You can see advertisement on TV 24 hours. The main source of income for these TV Channels is from advertisements. There are so many entertainment channels / News  Channels / Movie Channels/ etc..

Do we really need these many TV channels?

Do we really need these many advertisements?

The TV channels are provided by cable operator at a very cheap price, because it’s not the subscription money, it’s the advertisement money, which is the main source of income for these TV channels. And believe me or not, we are paying for all these advertisements.

Just think about those living in rural areas, who don’t watch these TV channels at all OR very little, they are equally sharing the burden of advertisement.

For example a toothpaste advertisement is aired 24 hours on multiple TV channels. The cost of sales of that toothpaste includes all these advertisement expense (whether one watch it or not), the farmer when buy that toothpaste, he also pay towards the advertisement expense.

Film Stars / Cricketers / Celebrities / TV Channels are making hell lot of money from Advertisements. And it’s passed on to the customer. Shouldn’t there be some sort of regulatory control over it?

There should be a cap on advertisement expenditure. It should not be more than 1% or MAX 2% of the cost of production.

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