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Abolish Tax On Sanitary Napkins And Tampons

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Let's face it, more than half the population in this country are women and how many of them can control their periods? None. It's a biological process which does not need to be termed as a luxury and also does not make pads and tampons a luxury good. 

Every female in this country and this world has a right to affordable feminine hygiene goods. Out of the entire female population in India, only 12% use sanitary napkins. Only 12% can afford to buy them every month. Only 12% of the women live the "luxurious" life of being able to use sanitary napkins every month.

Can we, regular people, ordinary citizens of this country make a difference? We have stayed quiet for too long. It is time to stop being ashamed, no matter what gender you are from, or caste or creed. Women's health and hygiene needs to be given more attention. A woman is the reason you are here today and are reading this right now, her menstrual cycle is an important part of her health and hormones and it is utter rubbish to mess with that.

The 88% of women who use cloth and cotton, hiding away in locked rooms with minimal food, disrespected for bleeding and feeling pain, it's now your turn to be able to afford pads.

All I want you to do is sign this petition, share it on all your social media handles. Share it with your friends, family, neighbours, sweepers and maids, doesn't matter. Spread the word.

Mr. Arun Jaitley, this is an open request from an ordinary citizen of this country on behalf of all the people, to get rid of taxes on sanitary napkins and make it affordable.

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