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Reduce GST on Home Furniture from 28% to 12%.

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In INDIA the furniture industry is an unorganized sector wherein several lakhs of people are engaged. The government always gives priority to promote, support and assist the small scale and cottage industries.
In the previous tax structure the rate was 14.5% as VAT. 90% of the manufacturers in furniture trade are under this tariff. Many people have given the memorandum to the government for the past several years to increase the limit
for small scale industry from 1.5 Cr to 5 Cr.
The 28% GST proposed may not affect only the 5% of the big industries and those who import of furniture. But it would be an extra burden of 14.5% more for the 95% of the other small scale industries. If more the tax more burdens to the small scale traders and consumers and it also pays way for black money.
More than 90% of the furniture products are not bought and used for luxury. The furniture in INDIA caters to the needs for Lower and Middle class people who buy for their basic necessity and not for luxury. Basic needs of a lower and middle class people for their home are Cot, Study table and Chairs and Almirah. People
irrespective of their class but cots both wooden and steel ranging from Rs. 3000 to 18000. They also buy steel almirah to safeguard their minimum jewellery, cash, documents and clothes. If the tax burden put on the
lower and middle class people the economy has to face problem on selling price increase by 100% and
resulting in ruin of economy.
Most of the people engaged in this industry are individual based who are from UP, Bihar, Kerala, Gujarat,
Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu etc. the proposed GST Tax structure of 28% for furniture will ruin their life and
industry making more unemployment and pushing into losing their live hood. It helps the handful giant and
big industries only to grow and also gives a place for the entry of foreign countries by way of import of their

The govt has to give priority to cottage and small scale industries these sector provides self-employment,
employment to uneducated and unskilled labours. Our motto ‘Make in India’ will completely be washed away
if necessary action is not taken. This will be one way of killing local small scale manufactures and will lead to
pre independent era.
So we request the government to change the proposed GST tax structure 28% To 12%

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