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Stop February 11 and future Nude Waterslides Events with Adults & Children in Calgary!

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Our goal is to protect the children from perverted events such as this one! Children must be PROTECTED!

These people are very determined to shove their perversion down our throats.

The organizers of these sick events want to make this a monthly event (next one they are planning for February 11, 2018)

Can you imagine your/our children being exposed to such perversion on a monthly basis? Please let's unite and stop this insanity!

Having naked children around a bunch of naked adults is never a good idea for any reason. Realistically there is a lot of mental illness out there that this event could trigger/effect.
- Children with previous sexual abuse traumas will be heavily effected if they attend the event. 
- Sexual predators will be on the prowl - having an event like that is just like Christmas to them. 
- Extremely high chance of photos and videos being taken without consent, considered child pornography 

The cancellation of the January Nude Waterslide Adults and Children Event at Calgary Leisure Centre by Calgary Nude Recreation by City of Calgary Recreation was due to ‘security reasons.’

In fact, there was huge public outrage at the violation of basic social norms at the time (23k petition) when Media is reporting on child sexual abuse cases is almost a daily occurrence. Both the City Recreation and Mayor Nenshi have expressed disappointment in the cancellation, boiled it down to mere mob action, and vow to reschedule it as soon as possible.

Despite a few unfortunate threatening remarks, thousands of Calgarians are deeply upset that the City would approve such a shot gunned invitation to strangers to participate in an event when nude children would also be present. Nature ‘in its rawest expression’ & Naked ‘because it’s fun’ are not the Naturist standards of a bygone era.

The sole spokesperson, “Naked Jeff” has not even the conviction to use his real name locally. (Signed as Jeff Clark in a Globe and Mail article.) He repeated on @Newtalk770 radio that Southland Leisure Centre would be the only preferred venue, and that future events are expected to include much larger numbers than the initial 100 tickets sold in January.

Nude Swim Events in Public City facilities, desensitize the staff to nudity, ‘raw’ aroused or erotic behavior & emissions are hard to govern or expel, and complicate cleanup and purification standards. Their website on Jan. 19th advertises Sunday, February 11th as the next scheduled swim, with the number up to 193 attendees confirmed, although ticket sales are on hold pending approval of the City. Monthly Events are to follow.

A check with Alberta registries confirms that Calgary Nude Recreation is in no way a legal entity, that no board of directors are capable of signing liability insurance or governing the existing waiver form.
Other groups in Calgary are required to be registered non-profit organizations and to obtain up to two million in liability insurance to hold events far less risky than water sliding. This unregistered group has a GoFundMe page and have raised some $2600 towards a $10k legal fund. ‘Naked Jeff’ & Unknowns, are also directly fundraising thru Paypal.

Stop the City of Calgary Parks and Recreation from renting any public City facilities to such non registered, unaccountable groups. Stop the February 11th Naked WaterSlide Event by Calgary Nude Recreation!

Please, let's protect our children!

Pastor Artur Pawlowski

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