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11.5K+ signatures, thank you! Let's get to 50K!

Hello lovely supporters of ARTS are NEWSworthy campaign!

We are writing to you to THANK YOU for the incredible support… we are at 11.5k+ signatures within 3 weeks and at 15k signatures this petition becomes one of the top signed on! �

We also wanted to share a freshly created ARTS are NEWSworthy website which has everything in one place: 
• petition link
• our aims
• summary of what signatories wrote (why arts are important)
• Media coverage links

Today we are asking you to please help us further to make this change possible:
1. We are aiming for 50,000 signatures! Please sign and share with 5 friends! 
2. Please share on social media and use hashtag #artsarenewsworthy 

Thank you from the team:
Nina Sanadze, Tai Snaith and Mia Salsjö

Mia Salsjö, Nina Sanadze, Tai Snaith
1 month ago