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Apologize to Hindu community and remove pervert paintings

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Serious denigration of Lord Krishna by Russian Art Gallery.

A Russian Art Gallery website, ‘’ is selling pornographic art commercially that depicts Bhagawan Shri Krishna. In another painting, it is shown that a nude girl is walking behind A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (Founder of ISKCON), thereby insulting him. This is nothing but a serious insult and denigration of revered Hindu deity worshipped by billions of Hindus and a Hindu Saint having millions of followers from all over the world.
Now it is duty of all devout Hindus all over the world to protest lawfully against the pervert painter, who have insulted Hindu Dharma under the guise of ‘Art and Freedom of Expression’ and against the Art Gallery which is providing platform to such perverts, so that they apologise to Hindu community and remove all such pervert paintings insulting Hindu Dharma. Also we should ensure that they should not commit such mistake in future.

Stopping denigration – an integral part of the preservation of Dharma!

Denigration means displaying something in an undesirable form/shape, different from its original form/shape. Any act or object that obstructs the emanation of subtle sāttvik vibrations of the Divine can also be considered denigration. and can:

Adversely impact the faith of people in the Divine

Set incorrect examples for future generations

Create a doubt about the credibility of the Divine or its Symbol. Eventually, it can erode Dhaarmik practices and moral, social and spiritual values.

Question the very relationship humans have with the Divine and the faith of a human in Divinity.

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