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Ban botters permanently; along with their IP addresses.

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As time goes by, the AQW team from Artix Entertainment has released a series of items which have a 0.1% chance of dropping, that resulted a drastic increase of bots. Putting aside that, a certain amount of people have been completing Artix's BLoD (Blinding Light of Destiny) quests in less than a month, which was actually mentally and physically impossible.

About late September, the AQW team removed the report category for botting. As we reported such botters before September, the mods and the staff would always tell us to /report them, repeatedly, when even the AE staff didn't know that they're immune to /reports. Because of this, the AQW team decided to use busy work as an excuse to literally exonerate themselves from their irresponsibilities, yet does not accept screenshot proof just because of an untold reason according to them. 

To us players who play fairly and never use cheating tools, it is utterly unfair as all the staff do is to either issue them a 72-hour mute, or a weeks'-worth of account bans. This actually doesn't even stop them from botting. Furthermore, bots actually promote lag, which affects us from farming better items in the game. What's more, Boytatoo, who leads the guild "The Inquisitors" supports botters from most players in Talim server. This has actually been confirmed by most connections in Talim. (Renamed to Sunflowers.)

If the AQW staff continues to be ignorant and let the botters do what they want, guess what will happen? A game populated with a legion of cheaters? We wouldn't like new players who come play the game then get bots to do everything for him/her. The best solution to eradicate botters in AQWorlds is to permanently delete their accounts, then IP-ban them; as according to the T/Cs Artix had wrote in 2009. As for this petition, our first priority is to request a permanent ban on players if they use botting/hacking tools after the second warnings, and IP ban those who promote botting to other players. That should keep the game safe and fun to play for everyone.

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