#CovidChallenge: Pay Artists Faster. Pay Artists More

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Musicians are facing a sudden shock to their income. The relief extended to this group through the federal stimulus bill and the many admirable charitable funds set up in response to the crisis are all helpful and necessary. But government stimulus and donations are only part of the solution. We—the music industry—must do what we can today. 

Rather than asking artists to apply for relief, we can proactively provide it. Any company that pays artists a percentage of revenue for their service can take either of the following two steps (or both) right now that will make a meaningful difference today: 

1. Pay Artists Faster: Cut in half the time it takes to send payments to artists for their share of your service through accelerated accounting and distribution policies. 

2. Pay Artists More: Alter any revenue share with artists by 30% in the artist’s favor. You'll reduce your share by 30%, and put it directly into artists' pockets. 

This applies to any music service collecting and distributing money to musicians: startups, music publishers, PROs, record labels, and more. Simply put, if your business involves sending a cut of revenue to artists, simply pay faster, and pay more. 

Sign this petition to pledge your support of this effort, either individually, or as a company and take the #CovidChallenge.