Sierra Club of California - Ferrets are not Wild Animals. Please reconsider your position.

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The rights of Californians to own domestic ferrets as pets is being blocked by the Sierra Club and their ignorance regarding domestic ferrets.

Without any knowledge, documentation or reports, the Sierra Club of California is on record as opposing ferret legalization in our state.

“Sierra Club has long opposed holding wild animals as pets, but particularly when those animals could present a problem if they accidentally or intentionally are introduced into the state’s natural areas. There are many, many examples of exotic critters that have become problems in California after being introduced into the wild. One that I am very familiar with is the bull frog, which has helped push out other amphibian species in certain habitats since its introduction in the 19th century.”

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Efforts to have the Sierra Club reevaluate their opposition have so far gone unanswered.

Therefore – we are respectfully asking– Dear Sierra Club, please reconsider, or at least document your opposition to ferret legalization.

It has long been a mystery to California ferret lovers and others the refusal of California to legalize a domestic pet that is legal in 48 states.  But over the years one theme has been consistent:

From blog - May 3rd, 2017

I had a phone conversation with Eric Sklar, the President of the Fish and Game Commission.

He explained that their hands are tied on ferrets because it would require a full-blown EIR. He said (and I think he meant this unofficially) that we would have to pay $200,000 but when all finished it would be $600,000.

And afterwards the Commission would be sued by environmental groups opposing it.

Candidates for state Legislature, the ones we need to introduce a ferret legalization bill are reluctant to jeopardize an endorsement from the Sierra Club. The Sierra Club is the premier environmental organization in the United States. No legislator wants to appear unfriendly to the environment. So, if the Sierra Club is on record as opposing ferret legalization, it usually closes the door for us.

The Sierra Club’s position is outdated. It is based on a paradigm that is rapidly shifting. More and more people are familiar with ferrets and the idea that they are wild animals is usually laughed at.

We call on the Sierra Club Conservation Committee to take another look at their position as ferrets and acknowledge ferrets are domestic animals.


From the local Sierra Club Chapter:

Any state legislation has to be approved by Sierra Club California.  Individual Chapters within  the state cannot take positions on statewide matters without the approval of Sierra Club California.  A change in a policy position must come from the state conservation committee (CNRCC).  You can contact the the Steering Committee members by going to 

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