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The replacement of Falcons Offensive Coordinator Steve Sarkisian

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Dear Mr. Dan Quinn and Mr. Arthur Blank,

In this petition I aim to convey to you the desire of the Falcons fan base to replace offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian. While we respect Steve Sarkisian's football mind we believe his style of coaching lacks synergy with the type of team we have here in Atlanta. 

In 2016 the Atlanta Falcons averaged 426.0 yards per game, in 2017 we saw that number drop down to 364.8. In 2016 we had a historic 540 regular season points, in 2017 we fell to 353, that's a difference of 11.7 points per game. That 11.7 PPG difference is only 0.4 per game less than the 2011 Rams scored. 

One of the biggest reasons for our drop off in offensive production came from the big plays in the passing game falling. In 2016 we had 17 40+ yard passes, that fell to 9 in 2017. We also saw our 2016 figure of 69 20+ yard passes fall to 55 in 2017. Those are a contributor to our passing yards per attempt falling from 9.2 to 7.8. 

If the Falcons scored 24 points in all 18 of our games this season we would've been 16-2 instead of 11-7. As Falcons fans we look at the talent we have, the reigning MVP at quarterback, the best halfback tandem in the NFL, the NFL's all time leader in receiving yards per game, a good offensive line, and we think we should be scoring 24 every week. While it may not be realistic to get it every week we certainly believe we can do better than 22.1 per game. 

While we don't pin all of our issues on Mr. Sarkisian, we believe play-calling has been the biggest cause of our offensive's production decrease. I can't speak for everyone, but right now there are quite a few candidates to replace Mr. Sarkisian which I find quite exciting.

Under Darrell Bevell Russell Wilson had a 34 touchdown season in 2017 despite serious objective struggles at offensive line all season. The Seattle Seahawks under Mr. Bevell have had some great triumphs and over the past 6 seasons have averaged 10.8~ regular season wins per season. 

Under Mike Shula The Carolina Panthers have shined beyond their talent on offense. Under Mr. Shula as you know Cam Newton was able to have a tremendous 2015 season and win Most Valuable Player. Mr. Shula is fantastic at utilizing the specific talent on his teams. 

Under Greg Roman in 2015 the Buffalo Bills averaged 23.7 points per game, 12th in the NFL. In 2016 they improved to 24.9 points per game, 10th in the NFL. The following year without Mr. Roman the Bills fell to 22nd at 18.9. In 2015 The Bills were tied for 6th in the NFL with 5.7 yards per play, in 2016 they were tied for 12th in the NFL at 5.6 yards per play. However, in 2017 without Mr. Roman they fell to 29th at 4.8. 

These however are just three candidates of my interest, there are many great ones out there, including some talented coaches within the Falcons organization and under Mr. Quinn's coaching tree.

In conclusion, as a Falcons community we ask of you to consider the replacement of Mr. Sarkisian as our offensive coordinator. In 2017 we've seen a large decline in offensive production and believe a new face would help us bring our production back closer to where it was in 2016. We believe we have the talent to be a continuous top 3 offense in the NFL, and think replacing Mr. Sarkisian is the best way to get there. 

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