Artesia owners need a choice in management! It’s our homes and our money!

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Minto-appointed Master Board members will not add critical essential items to the June 25 6:30 PM board meeting in an attempt to silence homeowners.

Artesia homeowners need answers:
•Why have the same old receipts been submited repeatedly for reimbursement in petty cash?
•Why is there no accounting for petty cash?
•Why isn’t management addressing Artesia flooding?
•Why is there no resolution for last year‘s hurricane cleanup billing?
•Why are we relying on a price list for potential hurricane cleanup?
•Why is the Master paying for club expenses?
•Why is it taking so long for plant replacements?
•Where are the 2016 and 2017 audits?
•Why did Campbell receive the audits on May 18 and they have not yet been  provided?

Please sign the petition to send a message to Minto and Campbell that Artesia homeowners are united and our voices must be heard and respected.