Red Hat Joint Letter

Red Hat Joint Letter

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From: ArtCenter Chinese Student Association
ArtCenter College of Design
1700 Lida Street, Pasadena, CA 91103

To: Administration and Board of Trustees ArtCenter College of Design
1700 Lida Street, Pasadena, CA 91103
RE: Uphold Diversity, Equality and Inclusiveness as an ArtCenter Value

Dear Administration and Board of Trustees,
We are writing this letter to address grave concerns raised by members of the 40-plus years long standing ArtCenter Chinese Student Association (ACCSA) and its alumni about an extremely unfortunate incident on April 13, 2019 that highlighted the need for the administration as well as the student body to be vigilant about diversity and cultural sensitivity on ArtCenter campus.

For decades, ArtCenter has drawn international acclaim as the preeminent educational institution for art and design students from across the globe. ArtCenter’s strength comes not just from the successes and accomplishments of its storied alumni who define the arts and design, but also the school’s international and diverse student base. However, a recent incident has undermined many students’ and alumni‘s view of the school and what it represents.

On April 13, 2019, the ArtCenter Fine Arts department posted, via its official Instagram account, a picture depicting a red baseball cap with embroidered white lettering: “WHITE PEOPLE DON’T WANNA GO TO ARTCENTER BECAUSE THERE’S TOO MANY CHINESE PEOPLE.” The post contained no explanation and provided no context for the inflammatory and racially-charged statement. On its face, the Instagram post appeared to broadcast or reflect the value of the department, and vis-à-vis ArtCenter.

The Instagram post immediately drew widespread attention of the Chinese, Chinese-American as well as non-Chinese students. The post sparked outrage among not just the students, but the broader ArtCenter community. Thousands of messages soon appeared on Chinese community social media. Popular Chinese mainstream media also reported the incident that captured wide- spread attention from people outside the ArtCenter community. As students of this institution with long history of excellence in the arts and design, we were shocked and deeply hurt by the post. The post made us feel unwelcome and helpless. This was true irrespective of whether we were American-born or international students. Making matters worse, the post went online during the finals week of the Spring 2019 term, which made it difficult for students to take action to defend their dignity and rights against racism, adding substantially to the unbearable stress during the finals week.

We understand the post was removed within a day after it went online. However, the damage was done. Subsequently, we learned that the baseball cap in the post was the work of a student, and we have also learned that the work was meant to raise awareness about racial tension at ArtCenter, based partly on a racist comment made by a teacher at ArtCenter about the overpopulation of Chinese students on campus. Viewed in this light, the student’s work and its commentary on racial issues at ArtCenter were poignant, political, social, and powerful. However, work of this nature must be viewed, considered and appreciated in the context of an exhibit. Posting of this work on Instagram without proper context creates the exact opposite effect, it would instead escalate tension, encourage racism and cause a perception of all with the apparent and wrongful endorsement of ArtCenter.
In retrospect, we understand and expect that the post was an inadvertent oversight and it did not reflect the value of the Administration or its Board of Trustees.

However, the damage was done nonetheless. As an active member of the ArtCenter community, ACCSA strongly urges the Administration to take active steps with practical actions to address the issues raised by the artwork as well as the deeper racial issues that motivated the work. The need for the school to take action is great because many students and alumni continue to feel hurt by the extremely unfortunate incident as well as on-going racially-charged inappropriate behaviors by some faculties. This incident is actually an opportunity for ArtCenter to bring about positive changes. We respectfully propose that ArtCenter:
1. proactively encourage diversity, equality, and inclusiveness amongst the students, faculty, and staff (among other positive values), and affirm the school’s commitment to those core values;
2. increase oversight on hiring and review of teachers, faculty, and staff who espouse discriminatory values that undermine the school’s commitment to those core values;
3. provide periodic ethnic and cultural sensitivity training to the school’s students, faculties, and staff to reduce and hopefully eliminate racial prejudices and inequality on campus;
4. engage the diverse communities across the campuses in dialogue about its students’ different backgrounds, needs, concerns, and aspirations by holding regular forums, panel discussions or round tables; and/or
5. include ad hoc student representatives on various school committees, task forces, and administrative bodies to empower students and, at the same time, provide the school with direct feedback on its services and administration.
ArtCenter Chinese Student Association hopes this incident will become a crucial turning point for the school. We share a mutual goal with the Administration to uphold the value of equality and to make ArtCenter a safe, inclusive, and inspiring environment for everyone.

ArtCenter Chinese Student Association


Dear Administration and Board of Trustees,

我们以联名信的形式為ArtCenter College of Design有超过四十年历史 的华人学生会成員及校友,因2019年4月13日一起极其不幸的事件引起的严重关切而发声;同时强调校方管理部门,全体教职员与学生需要谨慎地对待校内多元文化 与种族的敏感性。

数十年来,对世界各地学习艺术和设计的学生来说, ArtCenter作为卓越的教育机构一直受到国际的赞誉认可。它的出 色不仅仅来自于著名及成功校友在定义艺术与设计方面的成就,也因为国际和多元化的学生群体扮演着重要的角色。 然而,最近的一个事件却破坏了很多学生與校友对ArtCenter的看法。

2019年4月13日,ArtCenter纯艺术系部门通过官方 Instagram 账号发布了一张图片,在一顶红色棒球帽上有着一段白 色的英文字: “WHITE PEOPLE DON’T WANNA GO TO ARTCENTER BECAUSE THERE’S TOO MANY CHINESE PEOPLE.”(白人不想去ArtCenter因为那里有太多的华人)。对于这种有煽动性和種族主義的言论,这篇帖子没有包含 任何解释也没有提供任何背景的表明。表面上来说,在Instagram上发表帖子似乎在传播或反映了纯艺术系部门的价值 观,也相对地体现了学校的价值观。

这篇在Instagram上发布的帖子迅速引起了广泛的关注,包括华人、美籍华人还有其他学生。 它不仅引起了学生也引了 发广泛ArtCenter社区的愤怒。事件发酵几个小时后,在华人学生的社区反响激烈。微信群上千条信息讨论这个事件, 并有媒体进行了相关报道而得到了除了本校学生老师以外的社会关注。对于在这个艺术和设计方面有着长久美誉的教 育机构的学生来说,我门震惊于该次事件也被深深地伤害了。这帖子让我们感到不被欢迎且无助。无论我们是美国出 生还是国际学生,都是如此。让事情恶化下去的是:帖子在2019春季学期的期末周被发布传到网上,使得学生很难对 种族主义采取捍卫自身尊严和权利的行动,并在期末周给学生强加了难以忍受的压力。

我们理解此帖子在上传于网络不久后被删除了,但是这已然造成了伤害。 既而,我们了解到了这个帖子中的棒球帽是 出自一位学生的作业,而且它被选为优秀作品展览的一部分。我们还了解到了这个作品旨在提高对校内种族紧张关系 的意识,而一定程度上也基于一位 ArtCenter教授对校内中国学生过多所作出的种族主义的评论。由这个观点来看,这 名学生的作品与其中对在 ArtCenter种族问题上的注释是深刻的、政治性的、社会性的且强劲的。然而,這种性質的作 品必須在其展示的背景下受到观察、考虑和鉴赏。在没有一个合理的背景下发表这样的作品至 Instagram会产生负面的 影响,加剧紧张程度,助长种族歧视,并引起这些都是 经过 ArtCenter明显和不当认可的看法。

回顾这不幸的事件,我们理解并期望这篇帖子是出于无意的疏忽,并不反映校方管理部门或董事会的价值观。但是伤 害已经形成了。华人学生会作为 ArtCenter社区积极活跃的一份子,强烈的要求校方管理部门用实际行动和采取积极步 骤解决此艺术作品引发的问题,以及推动这作品的更深层次的种族问题。校方采取积极作为的必要性是非常重要的, 因为很多学生和校友仍然在为此次不幸事件以及一些教师持续不恰当的种族歧视的言行感到痛心。这一事件实际上是 ArtCenter实现积极改变的一次机会,我们由衷地建议 ArtCenter College of Design:
1. 积极鼓励学生, 教职员工间的多元化,平等和包容 (以及其他正面的价值观), 并确认学校对这些核心价值观的承诺;

2. 在招聘中增强审查, 并检阅教师和员工们是否有支持区别对待且破坏这些价值观;

3. 为学校的全体学生, 教师和员工提供周期性的种族和文化敏感性培训, 从而减少并希望消除校内的种族偏见和不平等;

4. 通过论坛, 专题讨论会或是圆桌会议与校园内的不同群体关于学生的不同背景, 需求, 担心和期许进行深层次的交流;

5. 在不同的委员会, 特别小组和行政管理部门中設有专门的学生代表, 赋予学生权力, 与此同时来对这些部门的服务与管 理给予学校直接的反馈意见。

ArtCenter华人学生会期望这次事件能成为学校的重要关键转折点。我们与学校管理部门保有共同的目标,以维护平等 的价值观,并促使ArtCenter成为一个安全,包容和鼓舞人心的环境。

ArtCenter Chinese Student Association


Dear Administration and Board of Trustees,

我们以聯名信的形式為ArtCenter College of Design 有超過四十年歷史的華人學生會的成員及校友,因2019年4月13日 一起極其不幸的事件引起的嚴重關切而發聲。同時強調校方管理部門,全体教職員與學生需要謹慎地對待校内多元文 化與種族的敏感性。

數十年來,對世界各地學習藝術和設計的學生來說, ArtCenter作为卓越的教育機構一直受到國際的讚譽認可。它的出色 不僅僅來自於著名及成功校友在定義藝術與設計方面的成就,也因為國際和多元化的學生群體扮演着重要的角色。然 而,最近的一個事件却破壞了很多學生與校友對ArtCenter的看法。

2019年4月13日,ArtCenter純藝術系部門通過官方 Instagram 帳號發佈了一張圖片,在一頂红色棒球帽上有着一段白 色的英文字: “WHITE PEOPLE DONT’ WANNA GO TO ARTCENER BECUASE THERE‘S TOO MANY CHINESE PEOPLE”(白人不想去ArtCenter因為那里有太多的華人)。對於這種有煽動性和種族主義的言論,這篇帖子没有包含 任何解释也没有提供任何背景的表明。表面上來說,在Instagram上發表帖子似乎在傳播或反映了純藝術系部門的價值 觀,也相對地體現了學校的價值觀。

這篇在Instagram上發佈的帖子迅速引起了廣泛的關注,包括華人、美籍華人還有其他學生。 它不僅引起了學生也引了 發了廣泛ArtCenter社區的憤怒。事件發酵幾個小時後,在華人學生的社區反響激烈。微信群上千條信息討論這個事件, 並有媒體進行了相關報導而得到了除了本校學生和老師以外的社會關注。對於在這個藝術和設計方面有著長久美譽的 教育機構的學生來說,我們震驚於該次事件也被深深地傷害了。這帖子讓我們感到不被歡迎且無助。無論我們是美國 出生還是國際學生,都是如此。讓事情惡化下去的是:帖子在2019春季學期學期末週被發布傳到網上,使得學生很難 對種族主義採取捍衛自身尊嚴和權利的行動,並在期末週給學生強加了難以忍受的壓力。

我們理解此帖子在上傳於網路不久後被刪除了,但是這已然造成了傷害。既而,我們了解到了這個帖子中的棒球帽是 出自一位學生的作業,而且它被選為優秀作品展覽的一部分。我們還瞭解到了這個作品旨在提高對校內種族緊張關係 的意識,而一定程度上也基於一位ArtCenter教授對校內華人學生過多所做出的種族歧視的評論。有這個觀點來看,這 名學生的作品與其中對在ArtCenter種族問題上的注釋是深刻的、政治性的、社會性的且強勁的。然而, 這種性質的作品 必須在其展示的背景下受到觀察, 考慮和鑑賞。在沒有一個合理的背景下發表這樣的作品至Instagram會產生負面的影 響, 加劇緊張程度, 助長種族歧視, 並引起這些都是經過ArtCenter 明顯和不當認可的看法。

回顧這不幸的事件,我們理解並期望這篇帖子是出於無疑的疏忽,並不反映校方管理部門或董事會的價值觀。但是傷 害已經形成了。華人學生會長期以來作為ArtCenter社區積極活躍的一份子, 強烈的要求校方管理部門用實際行動和採 取積極步驟解決此藝術作品引發的問題, 以及推動這作品的更深層次的種族問題。校方採取積極作為的必要性是非常重 要的,因為很多學生和校友仍然在為此次不幸事件以及一些教師持續不恰當的種族歧視的言行感到痛心。這一事件實 際上是 ArtCenter實現積極改變的一次機會, 我們由衷地建議ArtCenter College of Design:
1. 積極鼓勵學生, 教職員工間的多元化, 平等和包容(以及其他正面的價值觀), 並確認學校對這些核心價值觀的承若;

2. 在招聘中增強審查, 並檢閱教師和員工們是否有支持區別對待, 且破壞這些價值觀;

3. 為學校的全體學生, 教師和員工提供週期性的種族和文化敏感性培訓, 從而減少並希望消除校內的種族偏見和不平等;

4. 通過論壇, 專題討論會或是圓桌會議與校園內的不同群體關於學生的不同背景, 需求, 擔心和期許進行深層次的交流;

5. 在不同的委員會, 特別小組和行政管理部門中設有專門的學生代表, 賦予學生權力, 與此同時來對這些部門的服務與管 理給予學校直接的反饋意見。

ArtCenter華人學生會期望這次事件能成為學校的重要關鍵轉折點。我們與學校管理部們保有共同的目標, 以維護平等 的價值觀, 並促使ArtCenter 成為一個安全, 包容和鼓舞人心的環境。

ArtCenter Chinese Student Association


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