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Art/Act: Good Thx/Mourning, World AIDS, Int‘n’l Womens Days to All, create for All, write on:

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“Ebony, Ivory”, Stealing Elderly White Women’s Social Security Checks, “In Perfect Harmony”


Obama signaled last week that the ‘fix’ is back in, it’s the 90’s again, the real left and evolution have been destroyed to mitigated, with his supposed “fix of ACA”, which actually made the healthscare industry bailout act less cost saving, more probable to fail, and opened the door for the S.S. Tea Party to further “fix it“, to its end, in the future. Barack has called the Congress “do nothing” dozens of times, lying for the white supremacy, for it’s only the rems who are extremely obstructing, like they did when they closed the Gov’t, costing taxpayers 35 billion dollars, for nothing. Why hasn‘t the “do nuthin’” dino-in-chief appointed the 93 Judges he can, what’s he waiting for his term to be up so the rems get to appoint them instead of the dems? On this anniversary of the “Sandy Hook” terrorist attack, so chosen in retaliation to my informing the world that uber-storm “Sandy” was engineered by HAARP, weather machines, etc., of the united suck of assassins Gov’t to decrease voter turnout in the dems stronghold, the Eastern Seaboard, have we comprehensive gun control, no, why not? There’s no reason why we don’t have an executive order for Amnesty for immigrants, like Reagan did! Yet, Barack‘s real busy trying to shove another Earth-murdering trade agreement down our throats, “we,…” said no to NAFTA, CAFTA, and all that will come afta, say no to “TPP“, now! The dems new caving to the rems comes on the heels of the rems latest boast, “a Nuk attack is the next they’ll purposely not prevent”, like they purposely didn’t prevent the attacks on 9-11-2001, we can‘t allow the dems to cave to the rems, destroying Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, rich African-American and White supremacists “…ebony and ivory…”, mugging elderly Caucasian women (the largest recipient demographic) for their Social security checks, “…in perfect harmony…”! Last wk, supreme leaders, supposed Christian Al-queda, Pope Francis, supposed Christian Taliban, Obama, met to seal global plans for the future re-increasing the speed of their blitzkrieg; I told you that Abu Ghraib was the signal to the world that the crusade was in it’s intelligence operation gathering phase of their global blitzkrieg, everyone now knows its true, defend yourselves before you can’t! Why hasn’t the supposed anti-war movement done anything about Barack‘s not “removing troops from Afghanistan by 2014”, as promised, now they’ll be there “indefinitely”? Saddam Barack Osama Hussein Obama Binladen, as the rems call him, is supreme leader of the most supreme of supremacies, “The President’s Club”, as he calls it, and a leader of twelve supremacies, the twelve headed monster of the apocalypse, in The Book of Revelations, he has over two years left in his Presidency, demand he do something besides blaming 5 to 10 clukkaz in the House for everything not getting done! “Jackhammering infants for baby Jesus”, supposed Christian Al-queda’s ‘mantra of the month’, to genocide his competition before his second coming, is still a cornerstone of the nazification of all to dictate the extermination to extinction of humanity, large mammals, through unending war, Earth-murder, their ‘final solution’. Stop the destroying of newborns testicles by delivery nurses in Roman Catholic Imperial Hospitals, the infantcide, the rems, psychic terrorism, “sucking” to death infants in the crib, the pedocide, raping, etc., of kids, teens, by the global supposed Christian conspiracy. Don’t let him just organize his doin’ nuthin’, like most bureaucrats, demand real: immigration reform with amnesty, at least gun magazine and automatic weapon control, etc., now! Viva la evolution!








“Jackhammering Infants For Baby Jesus”,…


Supposed Christian Al-queda’s ‘mantra of the month’, to genocide his competition before his second coming, still a cornerstone of nazification of all to dictate the extermination to extinction of humanity, large mammals, through unending war, Earth-murder, their ‘final solution’.









Thanx/Mourning Day

Natives' compassion taught
Pilgrims at Plymouth
How to live within, give to,

Natures' abundance.

That providence sowed
Reaped graces' harvest,
Fraternity, bearing
Fruits to this day.

We gave Native-America

Genocide, Earthocide.

Chief Seattle said,

No one can own the land.

Bowing to Above and Below,
For gifts bestowed,
Giving, may we again,
Walk that way!









Amnesty For All,…


Except the Queen’s subjects.

They “skip over the pond

To the Colonies“,

Taking all our acting jobs,

And they don’t even bother

To learn the language.

I mean, come on, they’ve been

At it for 30,000 years,

You’d think they’d of got it right

By now; Jesus Christ,

Their country is named England

After all- learn to speak English!

Have we forgotten the War of 1812?








Saddam Barack Osama Hussein Obama Binladen‘s, As The Rems Call Him,

Supreme leadership,…


Of most supreme of supremacies, “President’s Club”, is leader of twelve supremacies, twelve headed monster of apocalypse, in Book of Revelations, has over two years left, demand he do something!









While feeling sacred

On this All Hallow's Day,
I also feel pangs

Of the hungry,

So wrought by the profane;

For, food wasted by us

Could feed all the world's….

Yet, betwixt, in the mundane
It's only hurled.






“Ebony And Ivory Work Together In Perfect Harmony…”


The African-American and white supremacies, the good cop, bad cop

Of the supposed Christian conspiracy, supposed Christian taliban

And al-queda, dempublicans and remocrats, the glove and the hand,

The rems working the dems mouths, aren’t just dividing and conquering

This nation into subjugation for the benjamins anymore, they’re working

To cement the weak/strong, inferior/superior, used/user, rube/conspirator,

Prey/predator, working yokel/supremacist, mindsets, all part and parcel

Of the slave/master duality paradigm, into our national psyche permanently,

For the white supremacy, as the largest supremacy gains the most from any

Supremacist’s abusing anyone, from supremacy’s false-ego, pathological

Lying, to criminal insanity replacing life’s indivisibility, truth, to humanity.

Pretty soon we’ll have a Baskin and Robbins of 21 flavors of supremacies

To choose from, instead of a nation. Equality of notseeism, a more equal

Division of the american pie of premeditated destruction, murder, earth

Murder, extermination to extinction, uber-theft of the taxpayers $, is no

Equality at all. We see the devastation of ebony and ivory’s division

For the corporate structure’s convolution, in the economic cannibalism of:

Detroit, it being the largest usa city to go bankrupt; and there being no

Clean coal, oil or nuclear waste, while even worse “natural gas is frakin’

Crackin’ the Earth, the resulting earthquake will level L.A. and cost trillions,

Etc.” (from the movie, ‘Gasland Part II‘, 2 more epics, “The Dark Truth‘,

‘This revolution‘), are indicators of our and the Earth’s short future under

Ebony and ivory tripartisan dictatorial rule. The dino-in chief’s definitive

Biography, ‘Caddying Mr. Boehner‘, would elucidate this, he could do

Executive orders giving amnesty and real immigration reform, stopping

The economic terrorism by citing the Constitution and raising the debt

Ceiling as required, recess appoint hundreds more than he has, appoint

Not Kagen to the supremacy court, for she just has to play girl scout

And recuse herself from 30 % of the cases, making her vote no more

Than a moderate one on balance, for the white supremacy, etc., the

Ebony tells the ivory to scream “unrestrained executive power”, so ebony

Than can conspire with ivory to not do his job, not exercise executive power,

Political theater for the gullible blinded by their show. What can we do?

As an activist/advocate on all issues for 37 of my 54 years, and advocate/

Activist for the last 6 months only, due to worsening diffabilities, etc.,

I’m stopping, the remocrat and s.s. tea party tugboat from dragging

The united suck of assassins ship of state into the rocks of national

Destruction, the political terrorism theater against the people every 2 mths,

Shutting down our Gov’t, not raising the debt ceiling, etc., that their pet

Dinos, and the dempublicans, are enabling, just to supposedly justify

The dinos future caving to the rems, is the opposite of their job, treason-

The dems (Maddow) now say they “must help” the rems struggle with their

Tea, as if the rems aren’t the tea party, and didn‘t manufacture it! Chris

Hayes was carrying water for the terrorism by ebony and ivory for a mth

By suggesting that “it‘s a mystery why the tea partiers were doing what

They did”, when he knew full well their motto is “if you can murder a thing

Than you control it“, their whole, “Gov‘t should be the size of an infant so

They could drown it in the bathtub“ (like they do their kids) motto.

Struggling with the extermination to extinction of humanity, large mammals

That passes as the work of the plutocratic supremacy, the politicians, Gov't,

In the butchers “sausage-making“, that they insist, “no one wants to see

How it‘s made“ bipartisanshitting all over us and the world. Reality's ragged

Edge, the razor's edge, rind, isn't defined by the fruit, mundane or sublime.

Proportion, natural sciences began with this aspect of all study as central,

Now, it's irrelevant in what passes for scientific study, it's really just the

Pseudo-religion of scientism, not science, “of…, by…, for…” the academic

Supremacy, whose reign, by dictating technological advance is societal

Panacea, for the last 400 years, has dictated all‘s extinction. It’s abominable

How one instant can destroy so much grace, evolutionarily speaking.

Help the economy by mothballing NASA, NSA, closing unnecessary military

Bases in Europe, stop the US being Europe‘s military, for euro-centricity!

Remember, fastcism, is the last step before complete backslide to

Notseeism, don't be the corporate structure‘s convolution‘s devolutionary

Direction, or allow it, the intellect can‘t lead for life doesn‘t follow. Gandhi

Said “…be the change you wish to see in the world“. The life is indivisible,

Are you? "Discipline is the art of feeling awe", Carlos Castaneda,

Won’t you? Viva la evolution, viva la Green Party. reality











"All The News That's Fit (Not) To Print", But,

Doesn't Fit Because Adv., Etc., Has Dibs


The real left is being exterminated at a greater rate

Than ever in the united suck of assassins, there are

So many ways to know, one, the media 5 ring circus

Is in def con 3 mode, with the supposed progressive

Dems, like MSNBC, leading the corporate structure's

Convolution's devolutionary directions coning charge

Against the people for the first time, usually that's fox

+ friends job- providing excellent cover to keep reality,

Etc., out of the news. Looking at a few rings closely,

Chris and Rachel keep talking about how they can't

Get enough of the part of the tea party who are for

Solar power, supposedly, on their shows, so I guess

If Hitler was for solar power they would have joined

The majority of homosexuals at that time, in Nazi

Germany, in support of his genociding the Jews, like

They‘re genociding non-rem Caucasian infants to

Men now, here? Next, the Trayvon Martin ring,

It totally surpassing the civil wrongs movement's

Sherrod charade, where they legitimized the Tea

Party for the republiconspiracy, already. I didn't think

Acquittal of zimmerman was a possibility because

The evidence supported a 1st degree murder con-

Viction possibly, 2nd degree murder one definitely,

And, knowing the state of the State of FL, and our

Criminal, injustice system, I thought, he would’ve

Received the last minute manslaughter charge

Conviction at least, by the all female jury, which

Prosecution may have not met all the prosecutorial

Requirements for a conviction on. Yes it's a tragic

Travesty, one which the Justice Dept. is looking into

Rectifying, yet, it doesn't mean that, as Shaka bs,

A respected radio host, said on MSNBC, 'racially,

Things are 8 times worse now than during Jim Crow'.

Apparently he hasn't bothered to Google Jim Crow

Yet, so, to give a hand to the brother, I'll explain here

How that's not true, for e.g., then, there was a few

Actual 'lynchings' of African-Americans a week, at

Minimum, now there aren't. Every million $ spent

Now for show protests across the nation is a million

We won’t have 6 months from now when we need to

Protect and get out the vote, to change the legislators,

Who can then change the legislation, like, “stand your

Ground”, which is devolving our streets into a paradise

For premeditated murderers . MHP is doing an ad for

MSNBC which basically says, while we're struggling

With it, of course, 'we like us some inequality'.

A highly respected Professor at Brown Univ., whose

Name escapes me, so we'll just call her Professor

Crakomias, also extolling on the lack of progress

And the surrendering to it in apathy by her and her

Fellow African-American supremacists. Just one line

Of her con will be addressed here, as she's a pro

Academia supremacist, and we haven’t the space

Or time. She said, 'the fantasmagorically successful

African-Americans are discriminated against by their

Inclusion'. Which immediately reminded me of Sir

Charles Barkley's whining for a decade about how,

After he spent his 50 million $ on alcohol, whores, etc.,

'African-Americans aren't getting the right amount of

Team management, ownership opportunities', which

Was accurate to a degree, although, there was nothing

About Latinos not getting them in baseball, etc., yet,

He came across as detached from reality, in a have-a-

Lot bubble, for, most multi-millionaires are smart

Enough to not whine about how they don't have it like

That, when they actually do. Her realism was that the

Poor world famous, young, healthy, multi-millionaires,

Moguls of the celebrity supremacy, “can't lead on, or

Even publicly talk about, issues that are of import to

African-Americans, because they will lose something,

Possibly”. For the last half a century, if a non-rem

Caucasian, heterosexual man said this he would be

Called a sellout, yet, since the genocide of non-rem

Caucasian infants to men is a cornerstone of u.s.a.'s

Entire notsee global empire and war machine, the

Rules that apply to non-rem males don't apply to any

Other demographic, therefore, when 'a N.... can't be

Separated from a nickel', as Chris Rock relates, to

Evolve society, he's, an exceptional exception,

A “victim of inclusion discrimination“, regardless of

Him being a billionaire, etc.. This would be similar to

The top 1 % crying, during king george and his dick,

Cheney's, reign on the American way of life, that if we

Just give them more they could turn the trickle-down

Economics (which is really vacuum-up) pissing on the

Middle-class to poor into a shower. Yes, African-

American supremacists “Loves them some inequality“,

MHP, don't they? That's one reason ththey’re 'all in' on

Backsliding against civil rights, called “kids first”,

Taking place in engineering of numerous education

Systems for special, their, kids, which they want to be

Paid for with your tax $, taking more $ then their share

From the public one, and having the corp. $ also. This

Societal re-engineering into existence of the pre-

Plessey vs. Ferguson supremacy court decided

Education system, that being 'separate and unequal',

Is a central example of how progressive dems have

Caved to dinos, who've caved to rems, who've caved

To teabaggers; making our country run by the white

Supremacy permanently- for, the supremacists might

Wear different color hoods or hoodies, but, they all do

The bidding of the white one. “Ebony and Ivory

Working together in perfect harmony” for tri-partisan

Sausage-making, to screw the people with. So, now

The white-supremacist, (a)moral majority, which is a

Minority, the bad cop of the supposed Christians,

Has their voucher, religious, and prep schools paid for

By you, and the African-American supremacists,

A minority too, good cop of the supposed Christian

Supremacy, have their charter schools paid for by

You too (as well as Churches, corps., etc.), the

Corporatizing, privatizing of the public education

System, which the majority of kids must attend, to

Steal tax dollars and destroy the public education

System, is almost complete. The African-American

Supremacy 'loves them some inequality', MHP,

Don't they? Or, is it that the dinos have joined

The white supremacy in vampirizing to cannibalizing

This country in every way, the dino-in-chief, a duo to

Seven grand-wizard of those many supremacies,

Leading the way by his caving, being the best thing

For the republican conspiracy since one of his idols,

Reagan's constant high treason almost destroyed this

Nation? Albeit, he's not a reagan-Nagin, BUT, he's not

Only delivered this country to a legitimized white

Supremacy, the teabaggers, he's handed extinction

Of humanity and large mammals to the corporate

Structure; and that's just his first 5 of 8 years- do you

Really think ebony/ivory are going to allow real reform

On immigration, etc.? For e.g., economic cannibalism:

Detroit, it being the largest u.s.a. city to go bankrupt,

Today; and there being no clean coal, oil or nuclear

Waste, while even worse “natural gas is frakin’ crackin’

The Earth, the resulting earthquake will level L.A.,

Cost trillions, etc.” (from the epic movie, ‘Gasland Part

II‘), are indicators of our lack of any future at all under

Ebony/ivory rule. Our struggling with the dinos to be

Dempublicans, at least, is reversing itself, progressive

Dems are backsliding into dems, dems to dinos, dinos

Are turning into remocrats. Before this nation devolves

Into a Baskin and Robbins of 21 flavors of supremacy,

We must exercise our rights, if not they’ll wither like

An unused muscle, as will our freedom if we don’t

Exercise it’s Siamese twin brother, responsibility, for

We’re the life indivisible, individuals with illimitable

Potential, lifelong students, ever-evolving, or witnesses

Of humanities’ extinction with a whimper being forced

Down all our throats by the one-world Gov‘t- not

The U.N., rather, the U.S.. If not you, then who, now,

Then when, here, where? Viva la evolution. Be well.








pseudo-religion of scientism isn't science at all


Reality's ragged edge, the razor's edge, rind,

Isn’t defined by the fruit, mundane, sublime.

Proportion, sciences began with this central,

Irrelevancy in today's 'science',

Intellect cant lead,

Life doesn’t follow.







From its first sagacious leap

To its last, imparted
Prognostications, future, past
Do, verily, take one's hand,

An envisioning dance unplanned.

Though, feathered, light
As if bird sung, its lyric,

A realists imaginations flight,
On wing, knows no fear

Of proximity to sun, web spun.
For, it only unalights.

Thus a universe' hymn does
Ring true. Yet, this quills
Unending point does draw,
As if dipped in realisms blood,
A trail of tears too.
As well, not dwelling on
Mans fears, it bears the truth.

Will fraternity's reason
Meet nature's rhyme;
Humanity metered, in time?
Will abhaya, fearlessness,
The unringing bell,

An infant’s cry, unsoldier
Marching off to die,
Be evolutionarily?

Yet, life, itself unsung,
Silently bays, murder is
Suicide stretched over time.
What you grasp possesses you.
While asking without
Will you evoke as being
Truly echoing? The thread
Woven through the fabric of life?
Would you, your soul arise?








so, what?


Star stuff,

Earth birthed, skybound.

Right heart, not for naught,

Spirit’s eye, divined,

Defying left’s better:

100,000 miles,

Red rivers flow,

Nature's rhythm, followed.

Heart’s tattoo

Brings us throughout


Unbeat, rhyme,

Eternal life pulse,

Leads from without.

Life‘s blood








non: superficial, first conclusion, linear...


A time to fall, or one could leap,

When words call, within a subtle ear,

A mind’s eye opens, unknown vistas appear,

A mundane approach won’t do, it’s time

To write anew, unwriting might light

The spark, not caring about when, how,

Why, what, where to start, being the

Artless art, seek to find a way to mind,

Without, now a pen’s a dart, a restaurant’s

Napkin, doodles to start, see without

Looking, unusual detail, perspective,

Observing, adjusting your foci of attention

To you being you, new, sounds start words

Writing an unstory of reality and the world,

Creating a moment to evoke you.








Another 9-11 Anniversary, A Dozen Years After


Our hearts were ripped from our chests

By the highest treason this land has suffered,

The purposeful non-prevention of the attacks

On 9-11-2001, by the elite of the republican

Conspiracy, king george and his dick, cheney,

The hand, while al-queda was only the gun.

The standing orders at the time were that if

A flight veered off course, a jet fighter would

Be scrambled to possibly shoot it down,

So it couldn’t be used as a bomb, yet, jets

Weren’t scrambled until an hour after the

Initial airliner went off course to hit the first

Twin Tower, and they had no missiles on

Board to shoot it down, our military failed us,

While passengers on Flight 93, headed by

Al-queda into Wash., D.C., took that airliner

Down, with heroic sacrifices, our citizens

Rose to the occasion. As we mourn those

3000 lives lost, let us not allow the truths

These traitors, republicans, attempted to

Entomb alive that day with all those they

Premeditatedly murdered, be silenced by

Their conspiracy to subjugate our people.

Could the noblest of words compare

With the patriotism of telling these truths

And insisting they be acted on by all?

Will you allow this nation to continue to be

Devolved into their hoped for necropolis?

Or will our citizens rise again, once more

To the breach, that our dino and military

Leaders have conspired in engineering,

The removal of our “inalienable” rights,

To vote, etc., by caving to republicans?







9-11-13, Anniversary of Entombing Truth, Alive


By the republican conspiracy elite,

King george and his dick, cheney‘s,

Purposeful non-prevention of 9-11-01

Attacks, they being the hand, al-queda

Only the gun. Highest treason

This nation suffered, awaken.








Another 9-11 Anniversary, This One 12 Years After


The highest treason this nation

Suffered, purposeful non-prevention

Of 9-11-01 attacks, by the republican

Conspiracy elite, king george and his dick,

Cheney, they being the hand, al-queda

Only the gun. Dictating this necropolis,

Tomb of truth, shrink until it’s death.








Mitakuye Oyasin


When every moment is

Struggling with every

Fiber to inhale, exhale,

Inspire and expire

Breath, feeling is

A dream deferred,

Unrealizable, they say.

Yet, to feel builds emotions,

Power innate, the thread

Interweaving the fabric

Of our inner-lives.

Though, scientism projects

Thought is power, sensing,

Just informing, to be processed

By our computer, brain, for exigency

In programming, performance.

While conscience intuits that

Thoughts are emoting, voiced.

...That fear is naught, but,

Shadows of past's unintegrated

Experiences, cast over our

Presence and future. While both,

Integral to realizing insight,

Growth, balance and movement,

Are necessary to humanity.

'La Machine', uses them to rote

Us into unbeing an efficacious part

And parcel of it, an automaton,

Mecha, not orga, more,

Better mechanistic survival,

The reason for human being,

In societies' eye. Who dares to

Disagree, all in for a penny, in

For a pound, mostly, decay bound.

Sides, delusions, clouding their eyes.

Although, feelings hibernating,

Emotions, emerging with strength,

Disciplined, which Castaneda relates

As, 'the art of feeling awe',

Can be concentrated. Focusing,

Realizing reality on wing,

Imbued co-creation in flight.

As well, what of our soma's foci of

Attention, solutioning all life,

Through myriad inter-relations?

What of the breadth of our

Perceptions, the depth of every-

Ones earthen, solar,

Universal interconnections?

...Of the intimacy, heart's fathoms,

Touch's immediacy, aural artistry?

Mammon, mollock, duo-false-gods

Of uber-wealth and war,

Say, 'what of it', being

Doesn't make money, take control,

Projections do. 'We...' say, they're

Le raison d'etre, potentia evolving,

Humane being, alival. I would be

Just for a day, as a mayfly, if I were

More me, rather than as long as

An eagle flies, selling out, killing.







As The Gravity Of Your Abominations, You Thought You Could Spaceship Escape,


Drags you back through the Solar-System you destroyed to burn before the Sun,

On the judgment day you dictated, after cannibalizing the Earth to death

And trying to run, you will know all life are needed threads in the fabric of life,

That we couldn’t allow torn asunder, non-renewables should’ve been abolished

Now, you think you live in the Weimer Republic, where fascist, notsee liberties

Abounded, where genocides, exterminations and extinctions were just decadent

Appetites for supremacists of all kinds to feast on, but, before you awaken from

Notsee American dreaming, you’ll find yourself in a notsee German redux, where

The Jews aren’t only the non-republican Caucasian infants to men being

Genocided now, but, you too. Where a Baskin and Robbins, with its 21 flavors

Of supremacy, have divided and conquered all for the white supremacy.

'In Germany they [notsees] came first for the Communists, and I didn't speak up

Because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for Jews, and I didn't speak up

Because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't

Speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics,

I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me,

And by that time no one was left to speak up. - according to Pastor Martin

Niemoeller, 1946', so the story goes, though, you’d know that they actually came

First for the mentally ill, elderly, handicapped, diffabled, foreigners, Gypsies,

Roma, homeless, long-term hospitalized, nursing home attendees, orphans, poor

(CA inspired eugenics), like the tea partiers, republicans, and their dinos, are

Doing now. You’d know the corporate structure has made a trap of this world,

Yet, all life is in it, so 'we,...' can't underestimate our responsibility, that

Generations past have heaped on our heads and shoulders by not acting on

Theirs, then. You’d remember lessons of WWII, if you're not taking bullets,

You're making them, I'm bleeding every moment for you, are you? You’d think of

Dylan Thomas' poem's line, '...and death (murder) shall have no dominion...',

And know, 'we, the people...' can make it so! Will you? You‘d know, as Happy

Rhodes lyric relates, “…Words weren’t meant for cowards, be brave…”, and

Write on, as this rogue’s scholar, reality, does for you, all for one, one for all!

You’d also know that allowing evolution to be a common language, as it's the

Thread that links every, in the fabric of life, is a good place to start, if we‘re to

Change directions from the corporate structure’s convolution’s devolutionary one

To an evolutionary one, to avoid the extinction of humanity and large mammals

That can be seen on the horizon, racing towards us from our future, we‘ll only

Have if we individually, relationally, communally, nationally and globally turn

360 degrees around, back to life, nature‘s balance, the evolution and the future.

Viva la evolution! From the heart in the heart of the heartland. What, do you

Feel, think, does every cell in your body say, your heart bay, soma evoke?



Some of the groups that I moderate, etc.:

Disabled Greens News + discuss:

Abuse in Therapy:

Diffabled, Mental Health, all related issues, advocacy, + professionals:



Any problem has a solution, being that solution is a choice, as we are, Freud's sub and unconscious, Jung's collective unconscious as well, whether we're more in touch with reality, more acute foci of attention, more our true, inner-selves, relates to how concentrated or diluted our solutioning with reality is; ergo, whether we're more or less directing, creating the changes that constantly happen in our lives- and, to the extent that we do, co-creating reality. Copy, share, as you will :)

james m nordlund, reality (aja) :)

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