Not Allow Stan Kroenke to Solely Own Arsenal Football Club

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“I didn't buy Arsenal stake to win trophies“ - Stan Kroenke

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Since 2011 Stan Kroenke has been the majority shareholder at arsenal. Over this period the club has declined massively missing out on a champions league place for a second season running and dropping to and all time low of 6th place in the Premier League.

This is due to the limited financial resources (transfer budgets) Mr Kroenke has offered the club. Arsenal make more on a matchday then any other club in the world yet we are only given a 75 million transfer budget (which we are have already spent) this is an prime example of Mr Kroenke not investing probply in the club especially when the going rate for top players in the transfer market currently is much higher. 

If Mr Kroenke does not start to give the club the proper financial backing it needs the club will never be able to compete with the eillte clubs arsenal ones was.