Put pressure on the Arsenal FC board for Managerial change

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Arsenal FC are a major part of our lives, yes? Our daily discussions at work, School, Home, socially. We’ve had enough right? I admired our Manager, yes he was great and brought us much success. But he forgets, some of us too forget - we were a big club before he came along, we had history before and have created more with him. But, the party is over now with AW as our leader, winning the league will never happen again as long as he Manages our Club, Either he isn’t the same man with the same set of skills, he’s now too predictable, too unpredictable, the game over here has changed and his style doesn’t fit anymore etc etc. Whatever the reason, he’s been paid a vast amount of money, millions of pounds every year. This amount if paid to any other Football Manager in the world of Football would demand a league title, not only that but the title regularly. I believe our board are scared to make that move, scared to change, it’s easier for them to renew, renew, renew, we need to put pressure on them. We’re asking the British Government to look at how someone can be paid this extortionate amount of money for the last 14 years and not win the ultimate trophy in Football in England. It shouldn’t happen without our government saying hey come on what’s going on here? If we don’t do something now, this board are likely to crazily give him another term of Management come summer 2019! Really? Is that possible ? Yep, with our board it really is possible ! Time to strongly and I mean strongly get together for change. Be brave fellow Gooners let’s do all we can to show we care about our club, get behind this campaign to get some help from the government.

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