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Ban 'The Sun' Newspaper from Arsenal FC

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Petition to ban 'The Sun' newspaper from Arsenal FC for their slanderous headline in yesterdays paper 'Jihadi Killer in an Arsenal Shirt'

What the terrorist was wearing was irrelevant, he was a terrorist and it had nothing to do with Arsenal FC but the damage it does to the reputation of the club is huge.

When does the media ever mention what they were wearing unless they're looking for a suspect, it was a chance to take a shot at our great club and they took it, there was absolutely no need for it.

I'd like to see this newspaper banned from ever being allowed into the Emirates again for interviews, press conferences etc.

Why should they be allowed to get away with trying make out Arsenal FC had something to do with a terrorist attack that killed innocent people?

Why should they be allowed to put the impression out that anyone in an Arsenal shirt is a terrorist, without repercussions from the club?

Get this signed and let get this 'Newspaper' banned from ever entering the Emirates again!

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