arsene wenger resign from arsenal

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Arsene wenger is one of the best football manager over the years. He was the one who can achieve many trophies for Arsenal. One of the biggest achievement that he gave for Arsenal was "The Invincible". There was the time when Arsenal as the biggest football club in England and also Europe. Sign potential player, create them become the greatest in the world.

But after those years are gone, Arsene kept on doing things when the fans are called as 'shit'. When the player has good enough on the pitch, and sell them for a good money. Arsene kept on the same tactics and bring the mentality of the players become worse on the pitch on the seasons. What makes all the fans become more mad is because the club can lose from the club which is just relegated to premiere league. Is that what you want Wenger?!?!?

What are the fans needed is win the game. Bring up the player's mentality to play as the final in every match on the pitch. Sign some players who is compatible for the game. We want a trophy Wenger. If you cant do that, at least you resign from the club after 2017/2018 season and we still call you as legend of the manager. If you wont, you will never be remembered as one of the great manager of arsenal. Our son will call you as a shit who is ever handle arsenal. 

The only fans really wanted is you resign from Arsenal Football Club.