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Allow Mick Doherty Access to Arsenal Stadium "Justice For The Archway One"

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This petition calls for “Justice For The Archway One” and calls for a reversal of the ban in place by Arsenal FC on Mick Doherty, which we believe they were encouraged to put in place by a certain member of the Metropolitan police force, a WPC who did not accept the ruling of the local magistrate and court and took on her own personal vendetta against Mick Doherty.   Mr Mick Doherty was guilty of a public order offence- using threatening words or behaviour in a public house along with another Arsenal fan. The offence took place hours after the game, at location miles from the stadium. This was not a serious charge which is borne out by the fact that the matter was heard before a Magistrate’s Court and dealt with by a Community Service Order. Thus far we think everyone would agree that MrDoherty had no argument. He pleaded guilty and was punished. End of story…. only it was not the end of the story. What happened next truly defies belief and has legal repercussions, not just for Arsenal FC followers, but for all football fans.   The WPC in question was not prepared to accept the Court’s decision and set about overruling its findings and enforcing her own justice. In spite of the Judge’s ruling she contacted Arsenal FC Stadium and explained that Mr Doherty was a "threat to the public" She requested that Mr Doherty be banned from the stadium, a request that, to their shame, Arsenal FC complied with.     Arsenal FC have refused to release the information  given to them and used to base this decision, this we believe is an infringement of Mr Doherty’s human rights and sets a worrying precedent for all football fans and the public in general.   Why would a WPC approach Arsenal to ban a lifelong fan over a relatively minor offence that was not football related and although regrettable occurred many hours after the game and treated as minor by a Magistrate and court? Mr Doherty lives within close proximity of the area of the incident and it is within his normal social boundaries, to frequent a public house on the particular evening would be part of his normal weekly routine? Why go against a magistrate / court decision?  Then produce secret information to pass to Arsenal FC, why will Arsenal FC and the Metropolitan police not disclose this information and reasoning given? We believe this is an infringement of his human rights!   Mr Doherty, is the chief fund raiser for Islington Boys Club and Boxing Club and has for several years held very successful charity fund raising events at the Emirates stadium, which have now been re located as a result of the Arsenal ban. These have been attended and supported by World Champion Boxers and sporting celebrities. The ban is effectively penalising the Charity and ironically losing Arsenal revenue!!   We believe that the WPC in question is subject to ongoing disciplinary measures at present and no longer a part of the Arsenal Football Inteligence Unit.  

Please sign and share with as many friends and ask them to sign also.  We have a target of 10,000!

Update 10/12/2013

Mick Doherty has now been given a copy of the submission made by the WPC in question to Arsenal FC, this is only after intervention by the ICO - Information Commissioners Office.

It clearly shows that the whole truth was not presented to Arsenal FC, the WPC omitted to tell Arsenal FC that she had applied for a banning order to the court, in addition that this had been turned down by the magistrate.

This may explain why the relaease of this information has taken over four months, also why there has been a reluctance to release it, as it clearly shows that Arsenal FC were misled by the by the Metropolitan police.

With this new information released we further call on Arsenal FC to give "Justice for The Archway One" 

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