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Arsene Wenger and Stan Kroenke out of Arsenal football club

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I'm sick and tired of the bullsh*t at this club, it's gone on for too long. I have an Arsenal fan account on Instagram with a following of over 13.4k, and I've supported Arsenal ever since I was born. And I've had enough. This is a rant I wrote earlier today (27/08/17) that I put on Instagram (this version is slightly edited) even before the 4-0 slaughtering vs Liverpool.
"I'm sick and tired of the bullsh*t at this club. $tan Kroenke is using us all, the fans, to fund his American football team. That was the whole reason he bought the club. That's why no change happens when we finish 4th every f***ing year. Because qualification for the champions league means profit. And @arsenalfantv Robbie has a video out today where he talks about the fact that we have a £0 net spend this transfer window. What other top clubs have a net spend of £0? Just shows that this club is being run solely on profit margins. That's with Woijech, Gabriel, Toral and Hinds being sold, and the imminent sales of other players like Gibbs. The club is a business - our tickets are the most expensive in England, we make the most from match day sales of food, drink and stuff like programmes and scarves, our club merch costs a fortune. And yet the thing that p**ses me off the most is that there are so many 'fans' who can't see that we are all mugs funding Kroenkes American football team. People saying we aren't real fans because we are complaining about the club - you are the 'fans' that don't care about the club, you don't seem to see that this club is a business. Look at other clubs, Man U, City, Chelsea they've all spent much over £100million on players - we sign 1 forward for £50 million. With the current prices in the transfer market the total spend of a top club being £50 million is pathetic, and having a net spend of £0 is even worse. Where's all the money from tickets, merch and even sponsors going? Kroenke's pockets and American football team. And don't even get me started on Wenger. How can he think, "you know what, sideways and backwards passing for 10 minutes before creating a chance is a good way of playing football." And where are his tactics. We do the same every match, possession doesn't win matches. Stoke proved that, they changed their game to play against us knowing we would do the same thing as always - pass the ball and do nothing with it. And why didn't Giroud start? Stole away is a game that suits him down to a tee. But no, we try to pass through a 10 man defence for 90mins with little through balls. Had we played Giroud and crossed the ball at every opportunity, we would have won no problem. Instead we took 10 mins of passing until we decided to create a chance and then we don't even create a good chance and lose the ball. And the positions players were in, I'm not even bothered to get into it. Wenger and Kroenke need to go."
From the performance at Liverpool, what the hell was Wenger thinking with the team? Where's Kolasinac and Lacazette? We wait for you to sign players and when you sign just 2 (which is nowhere near close to what this club needs) they don't even play. And Mustafi? If he wasn't playing because he's leaving then I would do exactly the same in his shoes. Why would you stay at a club that has no ambition, being run purely to make money? And Alexis, laughing on the bench at the team - no reason not to, our performance was just laughable. I wonder how much he wishes he was playing somewhere else where they play for trophies and not profits. Kroenke keeps Wenger because he could almost guarantee top 4 with not many expenses (maximising profit margins), now he can't even reach top 4 full stop. Arsene Wenger should have gone 3 or 4 years ago with the fans on his side. Look at someone like Mourinho. As much as I dislike the man he manages players well and resolves the issues in the team. If he was managing, we would have signed a top class CB, a top class holding midfielder. He would have sorted out contracts like Alexis, Ozil and Ox a year or two before they became a problem. Mourinho is managing in the present. Wenger is managing in the past. This club is being destroyed by Arsene Wenger and Stan Kroenke, and they both need to get out of OUR CLUB.

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