Instate Lock Down and Active Shooter Drills at Arrowhead Highschool

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February 14th is a day that is supposed to represent love and joy, but on this day, a hateful event ended the lives of 17 innocents in one of the worst school shootings in United States history.

This traumatic event has left students nation-wide afraid to attend school; a place that is supposed to be for learning and individual growth. But most importantly, this is supposed to be a safe place.

On February 27th, 2018 there was a fire drill in the morning at South Campus. Some students yelped in shock, others turned deadly pale, and all had adrenaline pump through their veins. While it was only a fire drill, due to the most recent events of the school shooting, this scared students. This event mimicked the one at North Campus not too long ago.

Now, there’s been a bomb threat in the South Campus not even two hours later, leaving the student body afraid. No teacher or anyone of high power in the school has addressed the issue, they’re more worried about the fact students are talking about this pressing matter during study hall.

We should NOT be afraid to go to school each day. Children and teenagers should feel safe going to school, not afraid if they’ll be dead by the 10th hour. Parents shouldn’t be terrified that their child won’t return home from school.

After all, one life lost is one too many.

We need to make a change. Our school needs to instate good practices so we know what to do in situations where there’s any possible threats. Most students can’t even remember the last time when a lockdown drill occured, and thus don’t know what to do in such situations.

This petition is calling for Arrowhead Union High School to provide a lockdown drill and active shooter drills once a month. Lockdown and active shooter drills don’t take that long to do, but they show students what to do in such situations. In the worst case scenario, students and teachers will be prepared on what to do. Currently, few know what to do in a lockdown scenario, and fewer know what to do in an active shooter drill.

We can’t afford to let an event, such as February 14th’s, to occur again.

Sign the petition so everybody will know how to react in such situations.