Stop 16-17 year olds having to pay an adult fare for train tickets

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Currently the age limit to buy a child ticket for a train is 15 years old. My question is why should 16 and 17 year olds have to pay an adult fare when in the eyes of the law, they aren’t considered an adult until they are 18 years of age. Those who are only 16 aren’t even old enough to learn to drive yet and for most young people, travelling by train is the only method of transport they have available to them.

Due to the fact that in the UK you’re meant to be in education until you are 18, these children aren’t in a full time job therefore it is ridiculous that they should have to pay the same amount for a train fare as a working adult. 

My friends and I recently travelled from Leeds to Manchester by train. After using our Metro 16-18 photocards on the same journey before and it being okay, we thought that we were able to use them again. Therefore we only payed a child price for a ticket for our journey. Once we arrived at Manchester station we were told that our tickets were invalid because we were over 15. After finding out we could only use the photocards in West Yorkshire we were then told that we couldn’t just pay the difference between the tickets, but we would have to pay for 4 new adult priced tickets. 

After the staff being rude and unreasonable (snatching my friend’s phone out of his hand that had the tickets on and ignoring him when he asked for it back), they began accusing us of purposely travelling on invalid tickets which is something we wouldn’t have done if the restrictions had been made clearer to us. We were then told that our new tickets would total at £70. This is a stupid amount of money to expect 16 and 17 year olds to be able to pay when this was the only method of transport available for us. I was the only one of us who had a part-time job and the amount I had to pay was more than my weekly wage...

It is extremely unfair to force children to pay these extortionate amounts for travelling on trains - especially with train companies increasing the ticket prices at the rate that they are doing.

So please help our voices be heard and sign the petition to help raise the age for child tickets.