Arora Hills: Replace adult swim with an alternative

Arora Hills: Replace adult swim with an alternative

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Mini Varughese started this petition to Arora Hills HOA

Sign the petition to hold the Arora Hills Home Owners’ Association (HOA) accountable for

1. collecting community input on the elimination of adult swim and then 

2. swiftly implementing a replacement voted on by the residents

The HOA Board recently eliminated the "adult swim" at both community pools. This last 15 minutes of each hour was an essential break for our young swimmers when they could hydrate, reapply sunscreen, step out of the sun, use the restroom (instead of the pool), have a snack, and most importantly, rest and recoup. This ultimately keeps our children swimming in the safest environment possible.

As many of you may have heard through the local news, the age restriction of "adult swim" is in violation of an age discrimination component of the Fair Housing Act. Therefore, to avoid potential lawsuits, the HOA has followed suit with many others around the area in cancelling the adult swim altogether. 

There were three options considered by the board:

a.) Dedicated Lap Swim: any swimmer who can swim laps during this time is allowed in the pool. This allows those wanting a splash free swim time to still get it while most children won't be interested and will take the break as it is intended.

b.) Rest Break for All Swimmers: This is what is recommended by many water safety experts as it also allows the lifeguards a chance to check the health and safety of the water, as well as take a break from the sun and heat. This can be shorter than the typical 15 minute "adult swim" and/or would not necessarily have to take place every hour.

c.) Turning off the "Mushroom" and other Fountains: While the lifeguards would not blow whistles and would stay on duty, this would be a signal to parents and children that it would be a good time for a break. The break would then be optional, however, perhaps a bit easier for parents to enforce with their own children, as they choose if there was a pool wide sense of break time.

Instead of presenting these options to the community, the Board chose to simply eliminate a rest period altogether without consulting any of the stakeholders, namely the families of Arora Hills.

At the last meeting on June 27th, the board announced they would put a survey out to the community. However, when follow up emails were sent to establish a timeline for the survey, as this is obviously a time sensitive issue, no response was given. 

This petition is demanding that a rest period of some form (one of the three options detailed above) be reinstated in order to keep our swimmers safe this summer. The HOA must conduct the survey promised at the June 27th meeting and present the results before the next HOA meeting on July 26th. Then the “adult swim” alternative selected by the community should be implemented immediately.

Please sign and ensure all swimmers, especially our youngest, are kept safe while at our community pools this summer!

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