Arnprior Needs a Skatepark

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Please sign this petition in support of the town of Arnprior getting an updated skatepark. 

Arnprior needs a place for people to enjoy skateboarding, rollerblading, biking and scootering.  The current park unfortunately has outdated metal ramps which are understood to be unsafe and unusable for learning and developing skills.  Sports like skateboarding, rollerblading, biking and scootering are incredible individual sports that are accessible to everyone.  It is absolutely crucial to have a place for these athletes to feel safe and to practice and develop their skills.  

The enthusiasts of these sports are currently left to find their own places to practice which leaves them in the streets of town.  Sometimes this can lead to altercations with business owners, drivers, residents who don't like the noise or even the police.  While these wheeled enthusiasts are well intentioned their choice of sport should not have reason to place them on the wrong side of the law.  The town of Arnprior absolutely must have a place where these athletes can feel safe to practice and excel at their sport.

Please sign this petition to show that you support the need for an updated skatepark for the residents of Arnprior.