Petition to block 5G telecommunications pole in Arnos Grove

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Maren Bee
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A mobile company has applied to Enfield Council who's given notice of a planning application they've received, for the installation of a 18m high telecommunications monopole with equipment cabinets at base and associated works, at public footpath, next to Arnos Grove Tube Station and on Bowes Road.

Under the National Planning Policy Framework, Enfield Council is not allowed to question the need for 5G or set health safeguards different from the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNRIP) guidelines. ICNRIP has said there is no significant health risks associated with 5G.

This planned 18-meter monopole tower would be almost twice the height of the highest street lighting column in Bowes Road and right next to a Grade II listed building (Arnos Grove Tube Station).

The visual appearance of the area would be highly impacted and degraded by this installation. Also, it would be located just next to the Arnos Arms pub which has outdoor seating all around for its customers.

The site described in the notice as “adjacent to a car park” is actually supposed to receive over 160 new built homes in spring 2021, so this is a very residential area.

This telecommunication tower would be visible for many of the surrounding houses and flats, destroying current free views over the area. 

Those working from home or spending lots of time in their home would be exposed 24/7 to the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the tower, being less than 50-100m from the base station, and so would be any residents in the new residential development next to Arnos Grove Tube Station and other neighbours.

This area is already under noise pollution (open air TFL Underground station) and this telecommunications tower is emitting radiation that can possibly affect people’s health and restorative sleep. Even with an ICNIRP report, any potential changes to the monopole made by the owner and/or their clients after installation will probably not require permission from Enfield Council and could put nearby residents at even more risk.

There is no requirement for a telecommunications tower at 18m unless if for a future upgrade from 4G to 5G. This is not clearly mentioned in the proposal and makes the application ref. 20/02306/PAT misleading and dishonest.

To conclude, I strongly oppose the installation of a 18m high telecommunications monopole with equipment cabinets at base and associated works and I hope you will agree by signing this petition.