KFC to accept Electroneum ETN Tokens for Food Purchase

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Recently in the latest example of mainstream crypto adoption as a PR stunt, KFC Canada has introduced a new menu item, the Bitcoin Bucket, that customers can buy exclusively with Bitcoin BTC. The purpose of this petition is to get KFC to start accepting Electoneum ETN token coin as payment for purchases. Members who sign this petition are asking KFC to start supporting customers who want to purchase their food with ETN token coins. Electroneum ETN token coins are designed for mass adoption by 2.2 billion smart phone users around the world. Participants will be able to mine for ETN token coins from their smart phone for free and then use the token coins to purchase things like food. And what better place to purchase food than KFC. Electroneum lickin good chicken. For more information on Electroneum visit their website. Electroneum will become the largest mass adoption cryptocurrency worldwide. It has just released its ETN mobile miner for Android and Apple iPhones/iPads.