Carnival Cruise Lines - Bring back Free Room Service Items


Carnival Cruise Lines - Bring back Free Room Service Items

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Save Golden Jersey Inn started this petition to CEO Carnival Cruise Lines Arnold Donald and

See the message below from Carnival Spokes person John Heald about half way down for his details on the change. 


What is this petition and who do we represent?

Carnival is now officially removing all “free” room service menu items during Lunch/Dinner/Late Night!

****Exception: Continental breakfast will continue to be at no additional cost for now. ****

This means the once free sandwiches like PBJ and Grilled Cheese will now be a charge of $4 in addition to an expected gratuity.

We have never had an issue with the for charge items on the menu. Sometimes we even order the for charge items. Our issue is making the once Free items and simple items which cost next to nothing to make a whopping $4 per item. Most comments we read complaining were explaining how this affected them because they have children with autism and also how it affected large families with little ones that can’t always wait in large lines. I read a post about someone traveling with 6 kids and one of them had autism, he sometimes needs a break from the crowds in order to relax his condition. That means it will now cost this family over $24 just for a few peanut butter sandwiches. 

Fries are an additional $2 , drinks of any kind are an additional $2. So just for the essentials they would need to use the service would be $48.00 per room service call plus gratuity. Carnival claims this is on par with other cruise lines, however Royal actually only charges $7.95 convenience fee’s per order. 

See the issue? 

Were not asking for excessive ordering to be free. Perhaps instead make it an item limit per order based on room occupancy and simply charge a flat fee like other lines already do. 

Many people with disabilities and children rely on this service that has always been free of charge. Carnival claims the charge is to cut down food waste.

If this is true then why are they charging $4 for something that typically costs only cents to make.

When was the last time it cost you $4 to make a peanut butter sandwich and chips? 

If manpower is your response to the cost then why keep the free deli in operation until 11pm anyway? They are there whether it comes to my room or it comes to the front counter. 

While it is true there has always been for charge items on the menu. Our issue is that the free of charge items like simple grilled cheese are now and will always be from Mid January 2019 a charged item with no more free items, increasing not only the burden on disabled individuals who require a rest period or children with disabilities but also large families and those traveling with little ones. Until you have had a 18month old cranky little girl you may not understand the significance of the impact this has on the cruise experience.

If Carnival wishes to take away amenities and increase cost continually, we as the consumer need to stand up and demand change. Otherwise we should take our business elsewhere to other lines they claim to be “similar” in price to.

perhaps if they refuse change we respond in changing our opinion on the line and choosing other brands that have taken these concerns seruously and worked out solutions based on guest comfort instead of just all out profitability. 

I have heard time and time again during this campaign that I am forgetting Carnival is a for profit business, however my response is if that is true then Carnival needs to remember whom gives them the profit they seek. Carnival is not suffering financially, in fact they have had record profits in recent years. If a peanut butter sandwich would be able to kill off the company then perhaps we should consider where else they are making cuts potentially. Truth be told this La carte style menu is simply to generate profit, if it were to reduce waste they would look at viable solutions like limiting orders or providing an alternative such as mobile ordering and pickup via the deli similar to the Disney experience app in the carnival hub app where we could be told when an order is ready so that we could walk up and grab items, limiting the burden some instead of making us pay more for issues beyond our control with disabilities.. Are you ready to wait in a 2 hour deli line instead of catching a some rays?

truth is we pay for an experience, so we are not wrong for demanding as a consumer what experiences we require. The reason I created this petition isn’t because I can’t walk upstairs and grab a deli sandwich. Im not that lazy quite yet. The point of this petition is to speak out for the thousands of disabled children, parents, grandparents, elderly and large families whom love to cruise and rely on this service. They are unable to stand in line as long as you or I...those are the people we are speaking for....and perhaps those we choose another line to support as well to send a clear message to Carnival headquarters....that we need convenience sometimes because we haven’t always the convenience of those around us to be out of our cabins beyond our control...but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve an experience of a life time is short...we need to stand for those it may be shorter for and those that just need a moment to recoop raising a family. 

We fell in love with Carnival because of the budget friendly vacation experience. It appears corporate greed has taken over and now we the consumer are paying (Literally) 

A flat fee of $7.95 is charged on other lines like Royal Caribbean, with no per item fees. To say they are similar in cost to other lines for this service is unfortunately untrue.  

please sign this petition and it will be delivered directly to the CEO of Carnival and we together can ask for change. 

If we can’t have change, maybe we change our opinion and potentialy our future cruise plans as well. We are the consumer, we do have a voice.


If you think this petition is rediculous that’s fine, but consider those this effects. Carnival can come up with a better plan to reduce waste on food such as charging what it cost to actually make the sandwich vs getting bank on your disability and children in additional to your ever raising cruise fare.

Like/comment/ share this petition as i can only get it so far by myself. Together lets demand change and make Carnival see there is those with families and disabilities that will pay for this change.

One way food waste can be reduced is simply putting an item limit per order based on how many are staying in the state room or even a small flat fee like other lines would be more reasonable. 

Instead they chose to go the route of profit for our misfortunes. 


Below is the announcement of the changes from the Carnival Spokes person John Heald. We love John and in no way is this petition in regards to him or his announcement. We are simply voicing our dislike for these changes and hope you will help us voice our concerns as loyal Carnival Customers. 

So before I float around Pasadena tomorrow and spend 5 hours waving and trying not to think about water or any liquid of any kind, I need to have a chat with you because I have always tried to let you know what is happening on our ships.

Starting January 1, 2019, Carnival Cruise Line will be increasing the cost for the Bottomless Bubbles package program by $1 per day to $5.95 per day for kids and $8.50 per day for adults, plus gratuity. The change will be fleetwide, including Australia. Now for those thinking of asking Uncle Google when we last put the price up let me tell you that it was in May 2017. Oh and we will of course honour the current price for those guests who pre-purchased the Bottomless Bubbles

And now let’s talk about room service.

I know in hotels and at sea, it is an important part of the guest experience. Maybe there is something special about hearing the room service trolley rattling down the corridor of a hotel or the footsteps approaching down the corridor as our crew brings the BLT. Maybe I am over hotels because I have stayed in so many and have grown to dislike immensely how the waiter lifts the silver-domed top to reveal two strips of bacon and an egg that I/Carnival have just paid $37 for. And that leads me into a new room service menu that now includes some very basic charges

Starting mid-January 2019, we will be starting an a la carte stateroom service menu fleetwide. A wide variety of menu items will be available with a nominal cost ranging from $2 to $5 per item. Charges apply to lunch, dinner and late-night menu items. Over the last several years, we have heavily invested in bringing more variety to our complimentary food choices across our fleet, while at the same time trying to find effective means to continue to reduce food waste. This new pricing structure positions Carnival on par with similar charges by other cruise operators in the contemporary market.

Yesterday I posted a poll asking how many of you enjoy room service breakfast. So far 12,000 of you voted with 40% saying that you did. I spoke to the beards about this and they read how many still enjoy sitting on their balcony nibbling on a croissant and enjoy a cup of coffee while listening to the sound of the sea. That is why our continental breakfast will continue to be offered free of charge.

We’re always tweaking things on board to make sure that we still provide a fun, affordable vacation for our guests. Sometimes we need to make a tough decision that may be unpopular but make sense in the long run. Even with these changes, a Carnival cruise offers the greatest array of free-of-charge options and remains the best value in travel, yep, I truly believe that.

So I know there will be lots of discussion about this and please do leave your comments below and I will make sure when I read them all and that as always your comments are seen and heard. There’s an old saying that the only constant is change and we hope you can understand why we’re making these changes.

I hope I won’t be reading any comments saying that the small charge of $4 for a sandwich means that” I won’t be tipping the crew who brings the food .”

If you do order room service on our ships, please remember to tip the server. A dollar or two is fine because seeing a server carry a tray of food to cabin 2377 and have him place it on the dresser while politely ignoring the sight of someone like me in a Carnival bathrobe that doesn’t quite fit properly is bad enough. To have the door slammed in their face with no tip is far, far worse. Thanks, then, for looking after our room service waiters, it is much appreciated.

So there you go, two changes that I wanted you all to be aware of.

Here is the new room service menu


End of Johns Message 

My point: 

If we unite as a group we can protect those that need this many haters on this petition don’t understand the impact and compassion that is behind this petition. Im not complaining about “free room service” because im lazy and can’t take an elevator.

My wife has medical conditions that severely affects her ability to be out and about sometimes...she had multiple brain tumors at the age of 14 which have caused her to suffer a few random side effects that prevent her from going about her day.

these things have bed ridden her even while on a we not deserve a vacation? Many people have told me if I don’t like it, to stay home.

maybe they are right, maybe those disabled and work hard just to afford a small vacation deserve to go hungry and only eat it they can afford the La carte menu prices.

truth is many of them traveled because of this service...were not asking for Steak and baby back ribs to our room at $0.00 cost in addition to our cruise fee we already paid.

we are asking for sandwiches and chips that maybe cost the line $1.00 max and that is probably excessive. 

Those that are disabled deserve a voice...even if no changes come of it...thats who we represent here.

Families, disabled and those with special needs.

join me in signing this petition, leave your story in the comments so the CEO can see your voice.

and join me in saying, maybe its time we change our loyalty since it seems recently Carnival is changing theirs. 



This petition made change with 1,491 supporters!

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