Customer loyalty with Giulia / Stelvio Infotainment

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Massimo Revelli
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Customer loyalty is a status to be achieved with good product, but even more, with good customer and "CAR care". I added CAR care on purpose at the end of this sentence, as this is something that has been missing on recent Alfa Romeos, as they tend to age faster than BMW or Audi. Car care does not only depend on the driver, but also on Alfa Romeo service and back-office people. This is a problem for both private user and business, the first is immediately losing value when reselling the car, and the second is paying a higher tariff for the Leasing or Rental. In both cases, when they experience this issue, most likely they will at least think twice before returning to Alfa Romeo, leaving open door to competition.

An example of poor customer engagement is in the quick aging of the Infotainment systems.

Users of Android phones on Stelvio and Giulia MY19 have a lower screen size ratio on Android Auto, when compared to CarPlay users. One third of the screen is occupied with a useless Android Auto logo. 

Google fixed since June 2019 the screen size issue, it's since them up to each OEM to unlock via software its full screen capability. 

A cheap smartphone customer has updates for 2 years, premium customers have updates for 4 years, the owner of a way more expensive car are stuck into obsolescence. 

Daimler, Jaguar & others followed up this topic and fixed the issue. Even cheap OEM like PSA allow firmware update over USB at end user location. We understand that this is not a Tesla, but it is not acceptable for an Alfa Romeo any more !!

With a simple USB software update, users can have a state of the art screen size and avoid obsolescence. Think also about the positive news lead that could be generated by publishing this update on specific forums & website, to have positive talk about Alfa Romeo after-sales customer & CAR care.