Stop nutrient-polluted runoff in Florida! #ThisStinks #SavetheBeaches

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Please for the sake of our beaches, wildlife, health and safety STOP the Eutrophication (excessive growth of algae or nuisance plants) in our bodies of water! 

I am not an engineer, scientist, farmer or otherwise. I am a Floridian. Like all of you, I have been unable to look away from the devastation caused by this most recent series of natural disasters wiping our state of beautiful, irreplaceable wildlife and doing massive amounts of damage to our precious ecosystem, beaches and waterways. 

For the future of Florida, let us come together here and now and demand that the powers that be put an IMMEDIATE STOP to these brutally detrimental actions until a more long term, sustainable and eco friendly solution can be adopted. 

#ThisStinks on your social media accounts to show our elected officials how BAD this actually is!!!