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Approve the Lake Cumberland Marina Expansion

The LCM expansion will help propel the economic recovery of the region. It will allow development of new opportunities, help businesses grow and families of the region find long term employment. This plan will help secure a bright economic future for ourselves and our children.

Expansion Plans:

•            231 parallel slips connecting the site

•            16 ft x 360 ft community access and fishing dock.

•            Full time Security and Maintenance

•            More fully utilizes the road and parking lot

Region needs this …it is under performing economically, harming quality of life, and dimming the future for our children- we want our children to have a choice to live here -not be forced to leave because of lack of opportunity.

Look at the reality in Russell County many stores are closing Fred’s, Kmart, Sonic, Taco Bell … in 2014 Fruit of the Loom jobs were exported to Honduras

In Eli there used to be several stores Cracker Barrell, Browns, Martin’s, Johnsons, Bobs Marine - all gone.

Over 23% of Russell County lives in Poverty

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Jobs that can’t be exported! Unlike the underwear plant that closed in 2014 and exported our jobs to Honduras

Tourism is the 3rd largest industry in KY -Critical to Kentucky's economy

Lake is tremendous economic driver – people shop, eat, buy cars expose the area –people decide to move here raising property values -build homes –it’s not just the lake -the lake improves quality of life.

We compete for visitors against Norris Lake and other destinations, rise of cruise lines for example, people want shorter trip for same chillax atmosphere- we are providing it.

Harbor Cottages (floating cabins) increase visitation -lower cost for On-Water experience -and eliminate significant boating experience.

Increased Revenue in Tax Dollars for Russell County

The Army Corps' Master Plan designated 12 areas for commercial concessionaire lease sites 75% of the rent paid by these leases was to be returned to the County in which the lease resides as an in lieu of tax to compensate for the lost tax base on the thousands of acres of property Federal Government condemned. The abandoned Alligator 1 site is the only remaining site that is inactive. 

$10 million minimum investment

Will return tax revenue to the County by meeting the Recreation Demand

$19.5 million in Local Payroll Impact

$713,040 Additional Russell County Property Tax 

Conservative Estimates show a minimum increase, from $40,000 to $178,000 annually of this In-lieu tax revenue directly to the Russell County Fiscal Court.

Estimates of vessel values is approximately $50.82 Million Pus Minimum $10 Million investment means:

$713,040 Additional Russell County Property Tax

General Fiscal Court   $192,225

Library                           $43, 250

Health                           $27,000

Ext Service                    $31,565

Hospital                        $52,600

Ambulance                  $52,300

Soil Conservation        $900

County School              $313,200

This is tax dollars that will be for use in our county!

Additionally, these commercial leases provide jobs, expand the tax base, drive recreational opportunities for the general public and bring tourism dollars to surrounding communities.

The only Concessionaire lease Not Active on Lake Cumberland is the abandoned Alligator 1 site.

Demand - Visitation and traffic are all growing

Repair to Wolf Creek Dam, a Booming Economy have caused Visitations and demand to grow -2200 slips will be needed over the next 5 years.

Significant Road Improvements -$6.5 million 910/Cumberland PKWY interchange is just 6 miles from Project Site and will be completed this fall 2019 will further increase visitation traffic and demand

Four lane all the way to I-75. $100 million being spent by the State and Federal government to extend the Cumberland PKWY and four lane HWY 461 all the way to I-75. -70% of visitation comes from I-75.

Increased traffic is coming due to the Road Projects, Repair of Wolf Creek Dam and the Economy—This project needed to meet the demand


The reasons given for objections after 3 Public Meetings:

1) few fishermen don’t want to spend 10 Minutes going through a No-Wake Zone?

2) because people don’t want to have to get there earlier for a parking space?

3) because people just don’t want more traffic? An erroneous argument because the traffic is coming. the project will service increase visitation

These reasons certainly do not justify killing this necessary project which meets Recreation Demand and the additional $713,040 in tax revenue the county would receive! Or the $10 million minimum investment Or the $19.5 million in local payroll Impact-Or the tremendous Economic Impacts with visitations and tourism dollars flowing into this region

Negative Comments are Unfounded – Represent Self Interest not Public Interest

Not True that Parking and Launch fees will be charged- -Russell County retains control.

Not True Parking lot will become Lake Cumberland Marina’s -Russell County controls lease until 2035 and it may be extended

Not True Parking will be private and not Public—all parking on Lake Cumberland must be open to the Public by Army Corps guidelines

Not True that Bathrooms will be closed.

Not True Bad for Fishermen -New Community Access and Fishing Pier provides place for those without boats to fish--Fishing is allowed in No-Wake Zone- Many fishermen prefer fishing in a No-Wake Zone

Not True will cause Lake to be overcrowded -only remaining site -expansion 181.25 acres & 1 mile-Lake Cumberland has 65,000 surface acres and 1283 miles of Shore Line – it will remain pristine!

Not True that Parking Lot is insufficient -400 slips at Alligator 1 for decades -No issues- Project exceeds Corps parking requirements

Not True that No-Wake Zone is too Long -same distance that existed for decades with Alligator 1

“The proposed expansion of the no-wake zone essentially mirrors a previous no-wake zone in place for decades” Rich Storm Commissioner of Ky Fish and Wildlife In his reply to the U.S. Army Corps Request to permit the No Wake Zone pursuant to 301 KAR 6:040, Section 1 ---Kentucky Fish & Wildlife is prepared to issue permit and has asked the Corps to Concur because in Greater Public Interest

Self-Interest not Public Interest –return of No-Wake Zone to historical distance too Great an inconvenience

Self-Interest Not Public Interest – having to arrive earlier for a parking spot too Great an inconvenience

Self-Interest Not Public Interest – Expansion will bring more traffic- Also Erroneous because traffic is coming due to the Road Projects, Repair of Wolf Creek Dam and the Economy.

Current Site Problems

Lack of Security--5 times bathrooms vandalized last year- cars broken into -vagrancy - loitering-drug use

Financial Drain for the County -only headaches and expenses

Maintaining small dock an issue for county-- County maintenance have other priorities.

Zero Economic or Financial Benefit for Russell County

Underutilized infrastructure -Road and Parking lot -Not fully serving Original Purpose-

Public Safety

1) The North entrance utilizing Ky HWY 76 enhances public safety

•            Ky HWY 1383 is 2.47 miles dangerous curves with speeds of 10-25-30-35 MPH Ky HWY 76 is 1.227 miles few curves speeds 30-35 MPH

•            Lake Cumberland Marina (formerly Alligator 2) Had 344 slips in 2011 -Currently it has 460 slips -a 34% increase in slips since alligator 1 site was abandoned

•            A 67% higher traffic accident rate over last 5 years on Ky HWY 1383 versus HWY 76

•            Driving more traffic down a road down a longer more dangerous road versus a straight short road to meet demand makes no sense for Public Safety

•            The North Entrance down KY HWY 76 alleviates traffic congestion on Ky HWY 1383

•            Ensures emergency services and personnel ability to respond to a medical, fire, or law enforcement emergency and a timely evacuation during rapidly developing inclement weather.

 2) The 16 ft x 360 ft community access and fishing dock enhances public safety

•            Provides a place for paramedics to transfer injured boaters onto a gurney.

•            It also gives emergency services staging facilities to moor, launch, and park from

•            It also ensures safe and timely evacuation during rapidly developing inclement weather.

3) The 16 ft walkway servicing slips supports cart traffic enhances public safety

•            Golf carts allows paramedics and other emergency personnel the ability to travel in both directions and access the site quickly. 

•            Ensures rapid deployment of marina fire carts

•            Ensures safe and timely evacuation during rapidly developing inclement weather.

Opposition represent Selfish Interests Not Public Interests –American Citizens own this Lake Greater Good must be served

The fact is the site was abandoned in 2010  and previously supported 400 slips with same No Wake Zone distance ---No problems existed with parking or No-Wake Zone

The 2010 census shows the population of Russell County was 17,565- Only 100 people showed up at the last Public meeting.

Support for this project brings additional jobs, much needed tax revenue for our county, and will increase the overall safety of the community.

The Re-invigoration of this Dormant site with the Lake Cumberland Marina Expansion serves the Greater Public Interest of Lake Cumberland, its Visitors, the Local Community, the Economy, Boaters, Anglers and the Broader outdoor Community.

We Fully support Immediate Approval 


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