Asylum and permanent residence for Dutch and German S. Africans into Armenia. A new home

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Armenia since 1993 has been losing her population. From 4.5 mill to 2.9mill today

lnfastructure has constantly advanced and technology has been leading the way in the region. The Armenian army is the strongest in the  entire Caucausian region. Safety is never an issue. Armenia is a stable  Christian nation.  But due to dropping population jobs and even land has become vaccant in this advancing Nation.

Manpower is needed, to help with these problems. Besides the fact Armenia is European and a pure Christian makes it hard for local non Armenia populations to immigrate to the Nation. Because of this predicament l and many in the dispora believe allowing the Dutch and German population of S. Africans who are victim of racial genocide a chance to start new lives in parts of vacant Armenia.

European and Christian these people are the greatest of farmers in the world. And sharing values, religion and even genetics.

Much can be gained . Assimilation would be much easier there and society would  benefit both parties. We are not out to change demographics. But having a helping impact for the Dutch farmers and their families in need as well as bringing a good Christian hardworking people to Armenia

As an Armenian diaspora we should be sympathetic to the Dutch  S.African people . For many years we sought refuge in the Dutch homeland  durring and after the genocide only to be welcome with open arms

 Hazen Odinian